Sunday, 14 December 2014

Life at university - a 3 month hobby review

As you may have noticed from my occasional moaning about having no money or time and my posts on Glottkin in particular, I am a student. I started at the end of September and as I come to the end of my first semester I thought I would do a little review of what I have done in the hobby thus far.

If you haven't seen my rambling several weeks into the semester you can read them here: My Glottkin woes and hobby life as a student.

Much of this post will just be random thoughts I have had combined with the occasional self-promotion for things I have posted or will be posting in the new year. There is also a mini-review of the latest Hobbit film near the bottom which I might write up more fully when I have seen it more than just the once. As it was the Lord of the Rings films that got me into the entire fantasy genre, seeing the final film of the Middle-Earth saga was quite the roller coaster.

I still can't believe its all over...

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The End Times: Khaine - Review

Whilst it took considerable time and effort to obtain Glottkin, I managed to get hold of Khaine with relative ease. Continuously refreshing the GW website every few minutes in the early evening wasn't all that fun but my patience was rewarded. This was the book I most excited for as my first proper GW army was the Dark Elves and seeing whether their final attempt to fulfil their destiny would be successful or not could only ever be a roller coaster of heroism, betrayal and revelation...


If you haven't read my other End Times reviews yet you can read them here:
The third End Times volume is roughly the same length as the Glottkin book and the same price, as ever quality and presentation remain high. The first book is 145 pages and the second is 56 pages.

I will write this review much like the other two, discussing the background then the rules before moving onto whatever random musings and comments I can think of. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Army Showcase - Part 16 - House Victarian

Masters of the sea!
The bloody and brutal naval arm of the Blood Legion; House Victarian command the corsairs of the Doomspire Fleet from their Black Ark: the Tower of Hate. Lord-Admiral Helkhan Victarian leads his men and monsters from this sinister bastion to enact the will of Doombringer wherever in the world he so wishes.

You can learn more about House Victarian and see pictures of their forces without the new monsters in this blog post which I recommend you read before continuing with this one: House Victarian.

Reavers of the Doomspire Fleet

Friday, 28 November 2014

Game of Thrones - Group Photos

For the final blog post I do on Game of Thrones for a while I have a few group photos of the war bands facing one another. To see the rest of the pictures with my comments go to the dedicated Game of Thrones page accessible from the top bar that contains all the links to posts with the models. Enjoy!

War in the Riverlands

The Brotherhood Without Banners enters the fray

Different angle

Battle of the Blackwater

Dragonstone force

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The End Times: Glottkin - Review

As you may have seen in a recent post I had some serious Glottkin woes at being unable to get hold of the most recent End Times book. However, after some digging and the help of Rob (one of our readers), I have managed to acquire a copy for what is a hard to justify but relatively reasonable price. I have seen copies of this book for around £200 pounds (just over $300 I think) on eBay but I did manage to get one at a slightly more reasonable price. It was still expensive enough that my meals will be interesting this month, very interesting indeed...


If you haven't read my review of the previous book you can read it here: Nagash - A Review

The second End Times book is a noticeably slimmer tome than its predecessor and new was £10 less expensive, the presentation though remains of the same high quality. The first book is around 130 pages and the second 65, significantly less than the 300 and 100 of Nagash respectively. 

I will review this book in much the same way as I did Nagash, starting with the fluff book before moving onto the rules and finishing with some random musings.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Project: Sisters of Battle - Assessing my Collection

The Ecclesiarchy
  1. Adepta Sororitas - Sisters of Battle
  2. Astra Militarum Allies - Representing the Frateris Militia
  3. Inquisitorial Detachment - Representing a Cardinal and his guards 
Until I have the funds necessary to buy the models I require for my Inquisitorial Stormtroopers I will be focusing on my Ecclesiarchal half of my Witch hunters. Here I have assembled my current collection and assessed how each unit will be used according to the current army-plan as laid out above. This post is meant as only a rough outline of my thoughts so expect it to jump around a bit in places.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Army Showcase - Part 15 - House Lancarion

House Lancarion leads the Blood Legion
Ruthless and ambitious, the scions of House Lancarion command the Blood Legion from their Black Ark: the Palace of Loathing. A noble family from Chrace, they were forced from their homelands during the sundering for siding with Malekith. Becoming mercenary generals they eventually became the greatest of the noble houses serving Dreadlord Doombringer as front-line generals of his armies.

You can learn more about House Lancarion and see pictures of their forces in these blog posts which I recommend you read before continuing with this one: Part 1Part II and Part III

The Blood Legion

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Game of Thrones - Salladhar Saan's Lysene Pirates

The second part of my Dragonstone force is a small group of Lysene pirates hired by Ser Davos to pad out Stannis's army and led by an old friend of the onion knight: Salladhar Saan himself. Apologies for only a short post today but I will make up for it next week.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My Glottkin woes and hobby life as a student.

For a while now the blog has been largely running on pre-prepared posts I have scheduled in advance due to the fact that I am now at university and do not have time during the week to do much hobby stuff. This will therefore be a slightly unusual post for me as it will largely just be ranting and random thoughts: a bit of a vague general update on my hobby life more than anything else. 

First I will rant a bit about Glottkin. Getting hold of this book has been an absolute nightmare and ultimately I have failed to procure myself a copy. As you may have seen a few months ago I bought the Nagash book and wrote a review of it; praising the design team for such an excellent product. I have no doubt that Glottkin is just as impressive but has been much harder to get a hold of. 

I managed to miss the book when it went up for Pre-Orders on the webstore due to being a student and actually having a Friday night social life. I was then unable to reserve any copies from any of the local suppliers and on the day of release the woefully few copies my local GW had were sold out in literal seconds. I even called in a range of favours people owed me, ringing friends across the UK and telling them to run to their local warhammer shop to buy me a book. None of them; from York to Oxford, Chesterfield to Aberystwyth, were able to get a copy for me. 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Game of Thrones - House Baratheon of Dragonstone

All Hail the One True King of Westeros!

The King in the Narrow Sea
Stannis Baratheon
With all these pretenders to the throne fighting in the Riverlands I have finally turned my attention to the rightful King: Stannis of the House Baratheon, King of the Andals, the First Men and the Rhoynar, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Protecting his right to the throne are two war bands I have created; the first being loyal men of Dragonstone led by the Hand of the King Ser Davos Seaworth and the second being some Lysene Pirates led by Salladhar Saan. Thus far I am yet to find a satisfactory model to use for Stannis the Mannis himself but I promise he will follow eventually.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Inquisitor Tobias the Witch-Hammer

I have spent my life fighting the Daemon and all his warp-spawned abominations. Every horror of Chaos I have faced and smote in the name of the Emperor only to turn around and see worse monsters amongst my own order. The Ordo Malleus is a pious body but riddled with the cancers of corruption and radicalism that threaten to choke the life from it. I saw my brothers for what they were: heretics and witches of the most despicable kind; parading beneath the proud aquilla when in their hearts was only the wretched star of chaos. In my moment of revelation I was taken in by my true brothers in the Ordo Hereticus who filled me with a new purpose: I would no longer slay the enemies without but the enemies who threatened our Imperium from within. 

A hundred-thousand heretics have fallen beneath my hammer since then; each more vile and blasphemous than the last. A hundred worlds have burnt at my command and many more have suffered under the piercing gaze of my Inquisition. I am the Inquisitor-Marshal of Hellcaris, Slayer of Daemons, Witch-Hammer and Lord of the Untainted.  

Who are you to question my authority?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Reviving my Dark Eldar - Coven Master Aringrax the Twisted

"Flee pathetic mortals! You can run as far as you want but your flesh belongs to me now!"

 Following the fall of Lethis Depravum on Lehron IV the master of the Coven of the Ebon Hand was slain and the Haemonculi fell into chaos. From this anarchy rose Aringrax whom had previously ran the mere day-to-day business of the coven. He offered the coven order and stability if he was made master of the coven itself, the alternative was a swift death at the hands of his pet Talos Pain Engine. Aringrax thus ascended to the power he had craved for so long, killing any who got in his way. Knowing he had many enemies within Commoragh who would seek to usurp him; Aringrax chose to take his coven into exile with the Skin-Lords and became the Faceless Archon's second-in-command. Paranoid and living in the shadow of his long-dead masters he seeks to build and triumph above all his predecessors. He will succeed where they failed and become the greatest Haemonculus in all history! For Aringrax failure is not an option.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Reviving My Dark Eldar - An Army Reborn

Looking at my armies this year as I finish off the last few models I decided that my Dark Eldar army looked a bit bland and uninspired despite the amount of background I wrote for it. You can see it in these posts: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3. I decided it was time for a dark and gritty re-boot so I moved the story of the Depravum on a few years to their fall and to what sick creatures have risen from the ashes. You can read the start of the story here: Rise of the Faceless Archon and it will continue over a series of upcoming posts that will be grouped together on a dedicated page. For now you can enjoy some army/unit pictures and some of my thoughts on the Scions of the Skin-Lord...

The Scions of the Skin-Lord

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Game of Thrones - House Lannister

House Lannister is arguably the most interesting of the great houses of Westeros with a slew of complex characters at the very centre of the sexy political intrigue that makes Game of Thrones so enthralling. Continuing with the 'War in the Riverlands' theme I have built a heavily armoured Lannister patrol to be ambushed by the Blackfish or Thoros of Myr.

Hear Me Roar!
This war band represents a Lannister patrol led by Ser Addam Marbrand: the leader of Tywin Lannister's outriders from the books and a childhood friend of Ser Jaime Lannister. What this war band lacks in ranged combat it makes up for with cavalry, three knights of the Westerlands and Ser Addam himself leading the charge against the rebel northerners.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

New 40k Project: Witch Hunters

++ Burn the Heretic, Kill the Mutant, Scourge the Unclean ++

It's been too long since i've had a good Witch-hunt...
Over the next year as I start university I will be undertaking two new projects: one fantasy and one 40k. My 40k project will be an attempt to recapture my first and favourite 40k army: Witch Hunters. When 5th ed. first came out I decided it was time to start a 40k army but few of them were of any interest to me. I eventually narrowed it down to three armies and in the end it was the baroque aesthetic and fanatical zealotry of the Sisters of battle that won me over. The chance to field an army of enigmatic Inquisitors with their eccentric war bands and the faithful legions of the Battle Sisters was too good to pass up. Exploring the darker aspects of the game I was enthralled by the art and background, but unfortunately support for them dried up and I was forced to leave my beloved Witch-Hunters half-worked upon as I picked up new fantasy and 40k armies. 

The Codex cover that convinced me to play 40k
Now, having largely finished with my current armies, I have decided to return to my favourite 40k army with renewed vigour. The new allies rules and new forms of Force Organisation have opened up fresh avenues for me to explore. I intend to build a Witch Hunters army full of John Blanche inspired models that call up some of the gothic pieces of art from the 2nd and 3rd editions of 40k. I want to create an army that is a veritable toolbox of righteous madness for an Inquisitor to build his forces from that covers all the goodness of the 3rd ed. Witch Hunters Codex with everything from Battle Sisters to Stormtroopers; as well as adding things like the Frateris Militia from the 2nd ed. Sisters of Battle Codex and elements from the deeper background like the Cardinals Crimson. 

The Blanche- inspired 'mood' I want to capture
I have broadly divided this force into two halves; further divided for force organisation purposes and presented below:

The Ecclesiarchy
  1. Adepta Sororitas - Sisters of Battle
  2. Astra Militarum Allies - Representing the Frateris Militia
  3. Inquisitorial Detachment - Representing a Cardinal and his guards 
Witch Hunters
  1. Inquisitorial Detachment - Ordo Hereticus Warbands
  2. Militarum Tempestus - Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

Whilst this may sound overly ambitious this is a project I intend to take slowly over the next two years and is intended as an army designed to look great together but can be easily split up into detachments I can field in any combination with one another and with my Astra Militarum army or my Dark Angels army. 

I will be posting further plans as well as concept art sketches soon and models in the near future as and when I am able to get round to it. Like, share, comment, follow, etc. to see more from this project as well as everything else happening on Eyes of the Snake and I will see you again soon.

Doombringer out.

Burn the Heretic!

Friday, 12 September 2014

The End Times: Nagash - Review

So the End Times have finally come.

It's a bold move from Games Workshop. Let's see if it pays off.


This has turned out a much longer post than I usually do and it rambles on a bit in places, in fact most of it rambles but I hope you enjoy this review anyway. I will start with some general comments, work may way through the two books and end on a bit of a conclusion.

Moving the story forward is certainly a great way to reinvigorate interest in the system and it was certainly enough to get me to buy a £50 book. It is in fact two books contained within a rather stylish slipcase: the first is a huge 300 pageish volume focused on fluff and the second is about 100 pages of various rules.

The entire thing is quite beautiful; it is not only well presented but is replete with new artwork and vast amounts of literary content. So much content in fact that it has taken me about two weeks to read and properly digest it all. This is a must have for any avid Warhammer collector and lovers of the background such as myself. I think this can only be a good thing for the game by allowing it to change and grow in new directions. Whilst I love the Warhammer world I am excited by the opportunities moving the story forwards entails and I can say now that it seems far better executed thus far than Storm of Chaos. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Game of Thrones - Brotherhood Without Banners

The Brotherhood Without Banners makes a nice neutral war band to add to my growing collection of converted 'Game of Thrones' miniatures. After this I have several other mini-projects set in Westeros that I have planned and which you can no doubt guess from looking at the 'A Game Of Thrones' page on the bar near the top.

Thoros of Myr

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Army Update - The Seventh Dynasty

This army first appeared on the blog as one of my first posts as the start of my Army Showcase series and can be seen here: The Van Fell Dynasty Part 1 and Part 2. Since then I have doubled the army in size, repainted a lot of it and largely rewritten the army background.

The Nightmare Hosts of the Seventh Dynasty

Friday, 15 August 2014

Army Update - Hellcarian Black Guard

With the release of the new Astra Militarum Codex I decided it was time for my Imperial Guard to get some attention. The last time they were on the blog they looked like this: The Hellcaris 1st Legion. They have since had a slight injection of colour to make them look more interesting, a few small additions and some models such as my Veterans who have had their look updated with new bits I have picked up. Other than that it is essentially the same force but this time I have chosen to write some background to accompany them. 

The Hellcarian Black Guard

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Inquisitor Harrison Venner V

Prepare yourselves for a short history lesson as I introduce you to the first of my three Hellcarian Inquisitors: Inquisitor Harrison Venner V who comes from a long line of zealous sycophants who have served as lapdogs to far more powerful Inquisitors. After studying 17th century England for the past two years I took some inspiration from some obscure figures that I thought were interesting and converted up a small war band to fight alongside my Imperial armies.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Battle Report: High Elves Vs Vampire Counts 1500pts

It's Battle Report Time!

That's right. So I'm finally making a return to the blog (and to the beloved hobby in general) and doing so by playing Doombringer himself, in this instance WFB where my noble High Elves will be heroically facing off against the devious Vampire Counts. So without further ado, on with the show!

First points of note, the table played on is not quite as wide as a standard table, therefore the action kicks off very quickly, leading to shorter, but still very bloody battles.
Second is that we will both be including personal reflections in the report to show the thought behind the battle. Mine will be in red, and Doombringer's will be in green.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Reviving My Dark Eldar - Lord Maugris Depravum

"I said this would be the triumph of our family. That I would see generations of our Trueborn rule the stars as hungry gods. I was wrong, and now you forsake the future dreamt of by your ancestors for vengeance born of a mental fever. I will follow you 'Skin-Lord' but only whilst your blood is that of my kinsman and family."

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Game of Thrones - House Tully

Several years ago I heard that HBO was making a new series based on the best-selling fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Deciding I could do with something fresh after re-reading the Lord of the Rings for the fifth/sixth? time I sat down and read the first book over the course of two days and was instantly hooked. I finished the rest of the books over the next few weeks and turned in anticipation to HBO's adaptation. I was not let down and I would very much recommend both the books and the TV series to anyone who enjoys darker, grittier fantasy.

Having just gotten hold of the Season 3 boxed set I decided to have a three-season marathon. About two thirds of the way through as I watched Robb Stark moving little wolves, lions, krakens and flayed men around on a map discussing war an idea hit me. I have got all sorts of old Lord of the Rings  models just laying around that would be perfect for using in a small-scale skirmish game. Digging through my infamously large, bizarre and poorly organised bitz boxes, I soon found what I was looking for...

Monday, 23 June 2014

Reviving my Dark Eldar - The Admiral

The deck was in chaos. Brother fought brother as friends became enemies in a heartbeat. Lethis was dead. Lehron IV burnt and the empire was lost. Instincts older than memory awakened as each man fought for himself. The void-ship was careening haphazardly to and fro as it failed again and again to ignite its web way portals. The engineers at least seemed to be trying to save the ship even if the rest of the crew cared only for their own petty rivalries.

Dracon Harakon the Red cut a bloody swathe through his former crew-mates with his dual cutlasses. This was his moment. He tasted the air; relishing the iron tang of blood upon his tongue already wet with ecstasy induced saliva. Pain is the pleasure of the dark eldar and the suffering of their own kin is a delicacy to be relished. Harakon smiled gleefully as he sliced another reaver in twain spilling entrails across the gore-slicked floor, ripples of euphoria filling every corner of his being. With Lethis dead the time for mutiny had come; the ship was ripe for the taking and glory awaited those who could take it. It hadn't taken his men long to reach the deck and any loyalist had been easy prey. Depravum reavers had soon arrived in a counter-attack and provided some resistance but the mutineers were beginning to prevail. The red harvest was brutal with heavy losses on both sides; rivers of blood gushing across the deck set to the symphony of the dying.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Reviving my Dark Eldar - Scions of the Skin-Lord

He choked on the air, thick with ash and vaporised blood it made him retch. Not that it was an unfamiliar sensation; but rather in the ruin and pain of Lehron IV Durizael had taken leave of reality. The thick black bile slopped messily from his broken jaw: a cocktail of half-digested flesh, acrid stomach juices and his own life-blood mingled into a stream of undiluted self-loathing. He could barely even see the world around him as one of his eyelids flapped uselessly where his face had been half stripped from his skull, his right eye burning red raw from exposure to the cruel desert world beyond the safety of skin. The left eye remained mercifully clothed in flesh though no less bloody giving him a vision of only gory ruin.

Durizael had long since fallen to his knees, scrabbling amongst the dirt for his senses. He crawled spasmodically along the dust carpeted floor; kicking up clouds of fine grit that attacked his exposed muscle and sinew. Finding energy to drag his broken form further through the jagged grey rubble, Durizael lurched forward like a crippled beast in flight from a hunter. Sounds of battle raged on every side, echoes of death and woe as promethium flames held his kinsmen in tortured embrace.

This had been madness from the start, she had gambled everything and lost. Worst still she had dragged him into this; beloved sister and psychotic bitch, Lethis had done this to him. Ruined all he had worked for. Ruined the family. Ruined his face. His handsome, handsome face. This would not be the end he vowed. This was only the beginning. They had mocked him, defeated him in battle and had taken her away from him. The universe was such a cruel mistress; a mistress with a needle-knife of suffering. Cutting away everything. 

Durizael's breathing was becoming more and more haggard as his internal organs began to fail him. This was almost it, he could feel the predations of the warp caressing the outermost parts of his soul as the darkness began to close in around him. Merciless unknowns and uncertainties played along the edges of his consciousness, sinister legends of damnation attempted to slither between the lobes of his brain to bring mental anguish to the dying vessel. But he would not allow this. His own madness would sustain him, a violent force of hate and malice wrapped in black fury consumed every fibre of his being. This was not death. This was rebirth. With red agony coursing through his veins Durizael raised his hands. This was not death. This was rebirth. Spidery fingers tensed as they gripped his once handsome features now half-hanging limply from a ruined face. This was not death. This was rebirth. Setting aside the insanity of an uncaring universe and all the pain of a hopeless future he tore the dangling flesh from cheek to cheek. This was not death. This was rebirth.

Fleeing from the defeat of his sister Lethis on Lehron IV, Durizael Depravum managed to gather what was left of the crumbling Depravum empire and fled the Dark City to the death world of Kharcis Prime which lies on the very borders of the southern galaxy. Having lost his face and much of his sanity Durizael vows he will take revenge on the cruel universe: all his life he had cowered in the shadow of his sister as a failure to his family but no more. The Fleshless Palace of Kharcis Prime will soon be adorned with a thousand bloody tokens of vengeance as the skin is torn from the living bags of meat who dared to wrong him and hung as tapestries for the Faceless Archon to enjoy.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Army Showcase - Part 14 - The Temple of Khaine

The new Khainite troops for the Dark Elves are absolutely beautiful miniatures and if this was my only army I would buy lots, lots more of them. Forming the third main part of my Dark Elf army the Temple of Khaine will provide specialist reinforcements for Houses Lancarion and Victarian as well as spiritual support and additional awesome aesthetics. I have not yet had a chance to use any of the new models on the battlefield but I hope they will make their vicious presence felt. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion III - The Crimson Fury

Kardath Lancarion is the Champion of the Doom Spire, the Crimson Knight and heir to House Lancarion. Astride his red-gold dragon Fearfang; Kardath flies forth to destroy the enemies of Doombringer wherever they may be found. Known as 'The Crimson Fury' he has gained a fearsome reputation for his grisly executions  of High Elven nobles and ever seeks to add more heads to his collection.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - Crone Hellebron

Crone Hellebron was a cool extra I gained from the Cauldron of Blood kit and, while I never intend to field her, she was a great opportunity to test out a few techniques. First and foremost I used her to judge how pale I ought to go with the flesh on my Witch Elves and was a useful test model for them. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Army Showcase - Part 13 - Tomb Kings

Born with an insatiable hunger no earthly nourishment could satisfy, the Judge-King grew to be a mad and tyrannical ruler; hellbent on fulfilling whatever debauchery could sate the gnawing emptiness inside of him. Early in his reign he was approached by an ancient Dark Elf mystic who promised him a cure for his hunger in return for the alliance of his kingdom. The Judge-King accepted and was taught the ways of consuming the souls of men.

Instilled with this great and terrible power the Judge-King pledged himself to the House of Doombringer, whom the mystic represented, and embraced the doctrines of tyrannical order preached by the scions of the Doom Spire. He saw that it was now his moral duty to purge his kingdom of sinners. He soon found however that souls would only sate his hunger for a while, forever needing more and more to sustain him. A reign of terror that lasted decades was brought about and thousands saw their souls torn from their bodies for even the slightest indiscretion. Whilst the High-Kings of Khemri feared the unholy powers of the Judge-King and his elven allies, the Mortuary Cult soon moved them to action and a great host was assembled to bring the mad king to justice.

The Judge-King upon hearing that Khemri moved against him proclaimed all life to be a form of physical sin and that he would consume the world. An assassins blade soon put an end to his madness and the succession of his youngest son to the throne led to a period of peace and prosperity for Zandri. Thousands of years later and reanimated as the living-dead the Judge-King returns from the forgotten depths of darkest history to bring his terrible soul-hunger once more to the realms of the living. Called upon by Doombringer to add his Tomb-ships to the Doom Spire Fleet, the Judge-King seeks to satisfy his hunger on the souls of all the miserable sinners the world has produced.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Allies for Sisters of Battle - The Faithful of the White Cathedral

With it looking unlikely that Sisters of Battle will be getting an update any time soon I have decided that rather than buying very expensive metal models for them I would convert up some allies for them using spare models I have had lying around. Using some old artwork and background I cobbled together this group of glorified zealots who I felt looked great next to my existing Battle Sisters. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion II

Over the course of centuries the Lancarions schemed and stabbed their way from a relatively minor house to one of the great powers of the ark. Setting their sights on a place on the High Council, the Lancarions married into the other great houses before assassinating the heirs of House Fireblade and publicly executing their leaders on fabricated evidence of treason. So impressed was Dreadlord Doombringer that he appointed the head of House Lancarion: Khalzar Lancarion, Lord-General of the Blood Legion; a position he holds to this day. After the black ark Palace of Loathing was gifted to Doombringer by Lady Shadowstalker the Dreadlord chose to award it to House Lancarion for their years of loyal service, something that has greatly disturbed the other houses both Great and Lesser who fear the Lancarions will soon become politically invulnerable.

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