Sunday, 26 October 2014

Inquisitor Tobias the Witch-Hammer

I have spent my life fighting the Daemon and all his warp-spawned abominations. Every horror of Chaos I have faced and smote in the name of the Emperor only to turn around and see worse monsters amongst my own order. The Ordo Malleus is a pious body but riddled with the cancers of corruption and radicalism that threaten to choke the life from it. I saw my brothers for what they were: heretics and witches of the most despicable kind; parading beneath the proud aquilla when in their hearts was only the wretched star of chaos. In my moment of revelation I was taken in by my true brothers in the Ordo Hereticus who filled me with a new purpose: I would no longer slay the enemies without but the enemies who threatened our Imperium from within. 

A hundred-thousand heretics have fallen beneath my hammer since then; each more vile and blasphemous than the last. A hundred worlds have burnt at my command and many more have suffered under the piercing gaze of my Inquisition. I am the Inquisitor-Marshal of Hellcaris, Slayer of Daemons, Witch-Hammer and Lord of the Untainted.  

Who are you to question my authority?

The brutal enforcer of the will of the Inquisitor Lord Hellcarian; Inquisitor Tobias is a powerful biomancer who has served both the Ordo Malleus and the Ordo Hereticus. Named the Inquisitor-Marshal of the Hellcaris system he is Supreme Commander of the local Imperial Guard forces as well as the Space Marine 'Blackwing' chapter. Known as the 'Grey Lion' amongst his fellow Inquisitors and famed for his stubborn ruthlessness, Tobias is a man feared across the stars for his particularly bloody brand of Inquisitorial justice.

Inquisitor Tobias is based on a Games Day Space Marine Captain which I got with my ticket for the only Games Day event I have attended. He has had a few different paint jobs over the years and been converted several different times but has always had a grey lion pelt and has been recently augmented with a back banner to make him stand out. The white, red and gold colour scheme is one I have used for my Inquisition since I first started 40k with the addition of a rich blue as Tobias' personal colour to make him distinct from the Lord Hellcarian and his henchmen. 

Tobias' weapon of choice is a Nemesis Daemon Hammer named 'Vigilance' which has slain Daemon and fellow Inquisitor alike over the many long years of its service to the senior Inquisitor.

The pelt of a Zamesian Mountain Lion which gives Tobias his nickname of the 'Grey Lion'. The beast was slain whilst Tobias was still a young Interrogator serving under Inquisitor Loken the Elder. Whilst investigating the Alcurian Incident the Inquisitors found themselves stranded in the mountains of Zamesia where they were beset by a hungry alpha lion. The crippled Loken was saved from the beast by Tobias who strangled the lion and took it's pelt as a trophy of his potent biomancy. It was not long after that Tobias was made a full Inquisitor and has worn the pelt for the past few hundred years since.

These models used to be familiars in a Witch Hunters war band but with the latest Inquisition Codex have become the Servo-Skulls I take with any of the Inquisitors I field.

Tobias is amongst my favourite 40k models with his background and model undergoing relatively few changes over the years. He has thus far however remained without an Inquisitorial retinue which is something I hope to change in the near future as I feel he is more than deserving of one. It will probably be full of Priests, Crusaders and Assassins all eager to slay the unclean within the Inquisition itself. Ready to annihilate the corruption root and stem.

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