Eyes of the Snake

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Army Showcase - Part 13 - Tomb Kings

Born with an insatiable hunger no earthly nourishment could satisfy, the Judge-King grew to be a mad and tyrannical ruler; hellbent on fulfilling whatever debauchery could sate the gnawing emptiness inside of him. Early in his reign he was approached by an ancient Dark Elf mystic who promised him a cure for his hunger in return for the alliance of his kingdom. The Judge-King accepted and was taught the ways of consuming the souls of men.

Instilled with this great and terrible power the Judge-King pledged himself to the House of Doombringer, whom the mystic represented, and embraced the doctrines of tyrannical order preached by the scions of the Doom Spire. He saw that it was now his moral duty to purge his kingdom of sinners. He soon found however that souls would only sate his hunger for a while, forever needing more and more to sustain him. A reign of terror that lasted decades was brought about and thousands saw their souls torn from their bodies for even the slightest indiscretion. Whilst the High-Kings of Khemri feared the unholy powers of the Judge-King and his elven allies, the Mortuary Cult soon moved them to action and a great host was assembled to bring the mad king to justice.

The Judge-King upon hearing that Khemri moved against him proclaimed all life to be a form of physical sin and that he would consume the world. An assassins blade soon put an end to his madness and the succession of his youngest son to the throne led to a period of peace and prosperity for Zandri. Thousands of years later and reanimated as the living-dead the Judge-King returns from the forgotten depths of darkest history to bring his terrible soul-hunger once more to the realms of the living. Called upon by Doombringer to add his Tomb-ships to the Doom Spire Fleet, the Judge-King seeks to satisfy his hunger on the souls of all the miserable sinners the world has produced.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Allies for Sisters of Battle - The Faithful of the White Cathedral

With it looking unlikely that Sisters of Battle will be getting an update any time soon I have decided that rather than buying very expensive metal models for them I would convert up some allies for them using spare models I have had lying around. Using some old artwork and background I cobbled together this group of glorified zealots who I felt looked great next to my existing Battle Sisters. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion II

Over the course of centuries the Lancarions schemed and stabbed their way from a relatively minor house to one of the great powers of the ark. Setting their sights on a place on the High Council, the Lancarions married into the other great houses before assassinating the heirs of House Fireblade and publicly executing their leaders on fabricated evidence of treason. So impressed was Dreadlord Doombringer that he appointed the head of House Lancarion: Khalzar Lancarion, Lord-General of the Blood Legion; a position he holds to this day. After the black ark Palace of Loathing was gifted to Doombringer by Lady Shadowstalker the Dreadlord chose to award it to House Lancarion for their years of loyal service, something that has greatly disturbed the other houses both Great and Lesser who fear the Lancarions will soon become politically invulnerable.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - The Medusa

The Medusa was a fun model to paint and allowed my to try out some of the new technical paints that GW released just before christmas. Her rules however are lacklustre at best and the Bloodwrack Shrine is a rather useless option in comparison to the awesome Cauldron of Blood. The model however is still very nice and surprisingly the first in many years to be produced by GW with a bare breast. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Hobbit - Azog the Defiler

There are many changes and additions Peter Jackson has made to The Hobbit when adapting it for his epic fantasy trilogy; one of which is the inclusion of Azog as the main orc villain despite his death many years before the events of the book. His death has been changed to only a maiming and he rides out once again to inflict woe upon the race of Dwarves. I actually like his presence in the story despite it being such a massive departure from the book. I am a self-admitted Tolkien purist but I realise that Azog is necessary in pacing and thematic terms in order for the films to work. Of course his role could have been filled by someone like Bolg but that is a thought for another time.

I really enjoyed painting Azog though his scars were fiendishly difficult to paint, particularly when the model does not have them deeply sculpted on. I ended up painting them darker than in the film but I am overall happy with the final result.

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