Sunday, 14 December 2014

Life at university - a 3 month hobby review

As you may have noticed from my occasional moaning about having no money or time and my posts on Glottkin in particular, I am a student. I started at the end of September and as I come to the end of my first semester I thought I would do a little review of what I have done in the hobby thus far.

If you haven't seen my rambling several weeks into the semester you can read them here: My Glottkin woes and hobby life as a student.

Much of this post will just be random thoughts I have had combined with the occasional self-promotion for things I have posted or will be posting in the new year. There is also a mini-review of the latest Hobbit film near the bottom which I might write up more fully when I have seen it more than just the once. As it was the Lord of the Rings films that got me into the entire fantasy genre, seeing the final film of the Middle-Earth saga was quite the roller coaster.

I still can't believe its all over...

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The End Times: Khaine - Review

Whilst it took considerable time and effort to obtain Glottkin, I managed to get hold of Khaine with relative ease. Continuously refreshing the GW website every few minutes in the early evening wasn't all that fun but my patience was rewarded. This was the book I most excited for as my first proper GW army was the Dark Elves and seeing whether their final attempt to fulfil their destiny would be successful or not could only ever be a roller coaster of heroism, betrayal and revelation...


If you haven't read my other End Times reviews yet you can read them here:
The third End Times volume is roughly the same length as the Glottkin book and the same price, as ever quality and presentation remain high. The first book is 145 pages and the second is 56 pages.

I will write this review much like the other two, discussing the background then the rules before moving onto whatever random musings and comments I can think of. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Army Showcase - Part 16 - House Victarian

Masters of the sea!
The bloody and brutal naval arm of the Blood Legion; House Victarian command the corsairs of the Doomspire Fleet from their Black Ark: the Tower of Hate. Lord-Admiral Helkhan Victarian leads his men and monsters from this sinister bastion to enact the will of Doombringer wherever in the world he so wishes.

You can learn more about House Victarian and see pictures of their forces without the new monsters in this blog post which I recommend you read before continuing with this one: House Victarian.

Reavers of the Doomspire Fleet

Friday, 28 November 2014

Game of Thrones - Group Photos

For the final blog post I do on Game of Thrones for a while I have a few group photos of the war bands facing one another. To see the rest of the pictures with my comments go to the dedicated Game of Thrones page accessible from the top bar that contains all the links to posts with the models. Enjoy!

War in the Riverlands

The Brotherhood Without Banners enters the fray

Different angle

Battle of the Blackwater

Dragonstone force

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The End Times: Glottkin - Review

As you may have seen in a recent post I had some serious Glottkin woes at being unable to get hold of the most recent End Times book. However, after some digging and the help of Rob (one of our readers), I have managed to acquire a copy for what is a hard to justify but relatively reasonable price. I have seen copies of this book for around £200 pounds (just over $300 I think) on eBay but I did manage to get one at a slightly more reasonable price. It was still expensive enough that my meals will be interesting this month, very interesting indeed...


If you haven't read my review of the previous book you can read it here: Nagash - A Review

The second End Times book is a noticeably slimmer tome than its predecessor and new was £10 less expensive, the presentation though remains of the same high quality. The first book is around 130 pages and the second 65, significantly less than the 300 and 100 of Nagash respectively. 

I will review this book in much the same way as I did Nagash, starting with the fluff book before moving onto the rules and finishing with some random musings.

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