Sunday, 28 September 2014

New 40k Project: Witch Hunters

++ Burn the Heretic, Kill the Mutant, Scourge the Unclean ++

It's been too long since i've had a good Witch-hunt...
Over the next year as I start university I will be undertaking two new projects: one fantasy and one 40k. My 40k project will be an attempt to recapture my first and favourite 40k army: Witch Hunters. When 5th ed. first came out I decided it was time to start a 40k army but few of them were of any interest to me. I eventually narrowed it down to three armies and in the end it was the baroque aesthetic and fanatical zealotry of the Sisters of battle that won me over. The chance to field an army of enigmatic Inquisitors with their eccentric war bands and the faithful legions of the Battle Sisters was too good to pass up. Exploring the darker aspects of the game I was enthralled by the art and background, but unfortunately support for them dried up and I was forced to leave my beloved Witch-Hunters half-worked upon as I picked up new fantasy and 40k armies. 

The Codex cover that convinced me to play 40k
Now, having largely finished with my current armies, I have decided to return to my favourite 40k army with renewed vigour. The new allies rules and new forms of Force Organisation have opened up fresh avenues for me to explore. I intend to build a Witch Hunters army full of John Blanche inspired models that call up some of the gothic pieces of art from the 2nd and 3rd editions of 40k. I want to create an army that is a veritable toolbox of righteous madness for an Inquisitor to build his forces from that covers all the goodness of the 3rd ed. Witch Hunters Codex with everything from Battle Sisters to Stormtroopers; as well as adding things like the Frateris Militia from the 2nd ed. Sisters of Battle Codex and elements from the deeper background like the Cardinals Crimson. 

The Blanche- inspired 'mood' I want to capture
I have broadly divided this force into two halves; further divided for force organisation purposes and presented below:

The Ecclesiarchy
  1. Adepta Sororitas - Sisters of Battle
  2. Astra Militarum Allies - Representing the Frateris Militia
  3. Inquisitorial Detachment - Representing a Cardinal and his guards 
Witch Hunters
  1. Inquisitorial Detachment - Ordo Hereticus Warbands
  2. Militarum Tempestus - Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

Whilst this may sound overly ambitious this is a project I intend to take slowly over the next two years and is intended as an army designed to look great together but can be easily split up into detachments I can field in any combination with one another and with my Astra Militarum army or my Dark Angels army. 

I will be posting further plans as well as concept art sketches soon and models in the near future as and when I am able to get round to it. Like, share, comment, follow, etc. to see more from this project as well as everything else happening on Eyes of the Snake and I will see you again soon.

Doombringer out.

Burn the Heretic!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Fantasy Project: Warriors of Order

If you have not already seen it I would recommend reading this blog post first: Warriors of Order

Many months ago I was inspired by this piece of Oldhammer background that has never been retconned by GW but rather faded into obscurity. I began to think of what a Warriors of Order army would look like; who would worship the Gods of Law? where would they live? what was their motivation? All questions I pondered in earnest trying to come up with suitable answers. I scoured the internet to see if anyone had done such an army before but found little beyond the information from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book I already had.

Thus I decided that I would design a Warriors of Order army from scratch using my own original ideas; creating background and a unique aesthetic for this faction. This will only be a small project but one that promises to be interesting and perhaps labour intensive. How far I go beyond concept sketches and a few test models I don't know but I will post all of this potentially interesting project whatever path it may take.

On the blog I will be posting WIP pictures of the models as they progress and I will also be scanning pages of my sketchbook which will sporadically appear when I don't have any meaningful progress to show. I will forewarn you now that I am not great at drawing and I tend to write nonsensical rubbish a lot but they should at least give you a rough idea of what I am aiming for. I will leave you now with a brief bit of a blurb outlining who I intend them to be:

"The end times have come and Mankind does not recognise its doom. The Great Enemy has burst forth from the north once more and the feeble gods of the Old World can do nothing to stop the Dark Powers from casting all to ruin. We have sat aloof above this world in our Sky-Temples for too long and as the power of Chaos waxes we must do everything in our power to preserve the Light Immutable. It is time that the Disciples of Alluminas walk the earth again and bring the Ultimate Truth to the heathen mongrels of the world. The Angels shall fly once more as heralds of holy justice come to deliver the ignorant into the loving arms of the Gods of Law!"

- Lord-Prophet Morzhar the Bringer of Law

On another note I will be starting university in the next few weeks so will have no time to properly work on the blog. For the next month or so I am going to schedule posts to be uploaded automatically so that you will still get regular uploads but I won't be around to update pages, comments, etc. If this experiment is successful I will continue uploading in this way.

Doombringer out.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The End Times: Nagash - Review

So the End Times have finally come.

It's a bold move from Games Workshop. Let's see if it pays off.


This has turned out a much longer post than I usually do and it rambles on a bit in places, in fact most of it rambles but I hope you enjoy this review anyway. I will start with some general comments, work may way through the two books and end on a bit of a conclusion.

Moving the story forward is certainly a great way to reinvigorate interest in the system and it was certainly enough to get me to buy a £50 book. It is in fact two books contained within a rather stylish slipcase: the first is a huge 300 pageish volume focused on fluff and the second is about 100 pages of various rules.

The entire thing is quite beautiful; it is not only well presented but is replete with new artwork and vast amounts of literary content. So much content in fact that it has taken me about two weeks to read and properly digest it all. This is a must have for any avid Warhammer collector and lovers of the background such as myself. I think this can only be a good thing for the game by allowing it to change and grow in new directions. Whilst I love the Warhammer world I am excited by the opportunities moving the story forwards entails and I can say now that it seems far better executed thus far than Storm of Chaos. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Game of Thrones - Brotherhood Without Banners

The Brotherhood Without Banners makes a nice neutral war band to add to my growing collection of converted 'Game of Thrones' miniatures. After this I have several other mini-projects set in Westeros that I have planned and which you can no doubt guess from looking at the 'A Game Of Thrones' page on the bar near the top.

Thoros of Myr

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Army Update - The Seventh Dynasty

This army first appeared on the blog as one of my first posts as the start of my Army Showcase series and can be seen here: The Van Fell Dynasty Part 1 and Part 2. Since then I have doubled the army in size, repainted a lot of it and largely rewritten the army background.

The Nightmare Hosts of the Seventh Dynasty

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