Sunday, 26 July 2015

Reviving my Dark Eldar - Talos Pain Engine

Here are some more photos of my recently revived Dark Eldar army. You can find more pictures of all aspects of the army by clicking on the 'Parade Grounds' page found near the top and scrolling down to 'Scions of the Skin-Lord'. Clicking on this will take you to a page dedicated to the army full of background, pictures and links to associated posts. You can also find many of my other armies on the 'Parade Grounds' and you should probably check them out. 

Or you can just click this link to go straight to the page: Scions of the Skin-Lord

The Beast of the Pit

Monday, 6 July 2015

Thoughts on Age of Sigmar - Rage, Optimism and the Uncertain Future...

Well this has been an interesting few weeks. After the demise of the Old World we finally see what has come to take its place and the emergent Age of Sigmar has divided the community. Here I will attempt to gather some thoughts from across the internet as well as throw in a few of my own ramblings with regards the new release. More than anything this is for posterity's sake as I think it will be interesting to look back on the dawn of this new era of Warhammer in the months and years to come.

I will address the three core aspects of the game (as I see them): the models, the rules and the fluff followed by a lengthy conclusion. Throughout I will attempt to include both the positive and negative   though I forewarn you I shall probably tend towards the latter though I try to keep some optimism. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The End Times: Archaon - Review

So the end has finally come. This is it, the final swan song of Warhammer as we know it. I realise it has taken me a long time to review this book since its release, this is partially due to exams and other commitments I have had, but it is also due to a profound sense of detachment. The world has ended, that is how this book ends and that is a very jarring phenomena for someone who has invested a lot in this setting. This book has not been an easy read.


If you haven't read my other End Times reviews yet you can read them here:
The fifth End Times volume, as ever quality and presentation remain high. The first book is 264 pages and the second is  79 pages.

I will write this review much like the other four, discussing the background then the rules before moving onto whatever random musings and comments I can think of. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

An army of the End Times: The House of Shattered Tears Part 1

Whilst waiting for layers of paint to dry on Nagash I have been working on this side-project. In an attempt to empty Limbo (my aborted projects box) I have gathered together a range of elven miniatures in an effort to make a coherent army out of them and with the advent of the End Times I can do just that. Thus, far my efforts have been largely successful with several units assembled and a slew of lords and heroes converted to accompany them. I have also developed a colour scheme for them using some of the paints and techniques I have picked up from painting Nagash - essentially a Caledorian colour scheme of green and red but fairly unique in my opinion.

If you want to re-familiarise yourself with the events of End Times Khaine you can read my summary and review of it here: End Times: Khaine - Review

As you can see much of this army is made from some rather random miniatures, some old and some new. In my efforts to empty Limbo I have managed to remove nearly all of the elf and dark elder spare bits and pressed them into service, and rather successfully thus far at that I think.

WIP House of Shattered Tears
The House of Shattered Tears is an ancient family of Caledor whose seat is the Tower of Infinite Woe, a grim pinnacle half-sunk beneath the waves and surrounded by blasted wastes from wars long past. The dynasty that controls this northern outpost of the dragon princes has long been gifted with the powers of foresight and prophecy, once seen as a blessing it has long been considered a curse. The sinister and distressing foretellings of their mages giving the family, and their abode, their names. This ancient house is led by the brooding Prince Astalaton and his sister Lady Arianna the Seer. It was her visions that convinced her brother to support Prince Imrik in his alliance with Malekith and to even go so far as to join themselves to a Dark Elf house: that of Doombringer...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Inquisitor Mortimer Rex - Ordo Xenos Radical

"We can learn much from the Xenos if only we open ourselves to them"

Once a proud servant of the Imperium, Inquisitor Mortimer Rex has fallen into sadism and debauchery from his dealings with the Dark Eldar. Desiring knowledge and power above all else he has aligned himself with the Scions of the Skin-Lord to learn from their Haemonculi the secrets of life and death. In exchange he has betrayed the Imperium by revealing the location of military outposts across the sector allowing the Dark Eldar to evade Imperial patrols and strike undefended worlds. The Ordo Xenos has declared this renegade inquisitor Excommunicae Tratoris but none have yet found him as he travels from world to world performing vile experiments for his xenos masters.

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