Monday, 13 April 2015

Nagash - 2 months of work and 41 paint pots later...

This has got to be one of the most challenging models I have ever painted and I am really happy with the results. As soon as I saw the model I knew that I simply had to own it and I finally managed to get my hands on the Great Necromancer just after Christmas. It then took me two months to buy all the paints I needed for him and then paint him. 

I largely followed the painting guide you can buy and download. I would certainly recommend it if like myself you were worried about doing such an amazing model a disservice. The only major deviations I made was that I added a layer of xereus purple to the armour after naggaroth night and I painted the warpstone gems like the eyes with an added green glaze to give a glowing effect. 

This post is largely just a gallery of the finished model, for more pictures of my Undead Legions visit the Parade Grounds. Enjoy. 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Reviving My Dark Eldar - Troops

Here are some more photos of my recently revived Dark Eldar army. You can find more pictures of all aspects of the army by clicking on the 'Parade Grounds' page found near the top and scrolling down to 'Scions of the Skin-Lord'. Clicking on this will take you to a page dedicated to the army full of background, pictures and links to associated posts. You can also find many of my other armies on the 'Parade Grounds' and you should probably check them out. 

Or you can just click this link to go straight to the page: Scions of the Skin-Lord

Haemonculi Apprentices

Skin-Reaver Warriors

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Hobbit - Basing my collection

One thing I decided to do over Christmas was to actually base my Hobbit collection rather than simply leaving their bases black. Using some instant mould and a lot of greenstuff I made suitable bases for all of the models from the 'Escape from Goblin Town' set which I think turned out quite well. I also took some time to base the other misc. Hobbit models I have picked up over the past few years. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The End Times: Thanquol - Review

This End Times book managed to melt the GW webstore servers when it went up for pre-order, everyone evidently in a rush to grab one before they went out of stock like Glottkin and Khaine did after not even an hour. With hardback books not being sent to stores this meant that there was actually plenty for everyone and the book remained in stock in the UK for a few days afterwards before becoming available in soft back only. I was one of those who sat constantly refreshing for about an hour, crawling towards the checkout bit by bit between server timeouts. Whilst my efforts were ultimately a bit overzealous considering it didn't go out of stock in ten minutes, it was a very stressful evening and I was overjoyed when my order was confirmed. 


If you haven't read my other End Times reviews yet you can read them here:
The fourth End Times volume is slightly longer than the Glottkin and Khaine books and was the same price, as ever quality and presentation remain high. The first book is 233 pages and the second is  63 pages.

I will write this review much like the other three, discussing the background then the rules before moving onto whatever random musings and comments I can think of. 

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