Sunday, 29 September 2013

Doombringer's Dark Elves - An Introduction

In a time before memory, a time before the daemons and before the phoenix kings; he found something. Something dark and terrible buried beneath the earth, a relic of another age forged in war and hatred that lusted for revenge. Something few elves but he have ever laid eyes upon, and when he rose from that dark place he had sworn his soul to it and become the harbinger of tyranny.

The lord of the Doom Spire has stalked the earth for thousands of years, reincarnating after each defeat to continue his war on the world. He has spent five lifetimes assembling his armies, forging alliances and preparing for a war that will engulf the world in the fires of hate. 

His name is Doombringer and only darkness follows...

As The Euphemism mentioned previously he likes elves. He likes elves a lot.
I also like elves, only I prefer the more sinister and depraved variety.

This is the first google image result for 'dark elf'.
This is one of the more modest pictures.
This fact did not affect my descision to play dark elves.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Know your enemy: Shadow Spectres

Once again I apologise for my long delay in posting. I've had some moving problems (new house yeah!) along with my computer deciding to die.

However, enough of the excuses, onto some stuffs!

So, welcome to a new article series that I'm starting, surprisingly entitled 'Know your enemy'. What I'm going to do is focus on a unit/model that you may not be aware of or that may be complicated to face and describe what it is, how it is best used and what you can do against it.


So I'm going to start with a new favourite unit of mine. The Shadow Spectres.

So what are they?

Well,  for starters they are a Forgeworld unit. One of the greatest joys I've found in starting Eldar, is that Forgeworld has opened to me. The Space Marine units they develop (whilst lovely) are mainly variations of power armour, or tanks that we already have (eg Spartan Assault Tanks = Land Raider variation). For the Xenos however, Forgeworld are developing new units (Necron Tomb Stalkers/Acanthrites, Tyranid Malanthropes, Tau Drone Stealth Fighters etc etc). New. Exciting. Fun. And here lies the Eldar Shadow Spectres. Of course though, you won't see them that often because not everyone uses/allows Forgeworld units. This makes them a perfect subject for the first article however.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Blackwing Part 16 - The Deathwing

The last models to paint for my Blackwing were my terminators and the chapter-master of the Blackwing: Lord-Magister Makarios the Dead. I added more green to these to represent that they were originally Dark Angels sent to help form the successor chapter and I added areas of white as they are Deathwing terminators after all. The chapter-master is the only model other than my chaplain to have gold on him. With Chaplain Anselm I purposely dulled the gold and made it less prominent with the reasoning a chaplain would have suitably grand armour but not overly bright. With Makarios however I wanted him to look every inch a member of the Inner Circle, I reasoned that if he is called personally to a battlefield then stealth is probably not a priority and he can be forgiven for such bright attire. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Avatars in Hybrid lists?

What is this madness??

Madness? No. This is Eldar!
So I've returned after my long holiday break to bring you a controversial (potentially) look at one of the funkiest HQ choices available to an Eldar player. The Avatar of Khaine.

Expect many pictures to follow.

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