Sunday, 29 September 2013

Doombringer's Dark Elves - An Introduction

In a time before memory, a time before the daemons and before the phoenix kings; he found something. Something dark and terrible buried beneath the earth, a relic of another age forged in war and hatred that lusted for revenge. Something few elves but he have ever laid eyes upon, and when he rose from that dark place he had sworn his soul to it and become the harbinger of tyranny.

The lord of the Doom Spire has stalked the earth for thousands of years, reincarnating after each defeat to continue his war on the world. He has spent five lifetimes assembling his armies, forging alliances and preparing for a war that will engulf the world in the fires of hate. 

His name is Doombringer and only darkness follows...

As The Euphemism mentioned previously he likes elves. He likes elves a lot.
I also like elves, only I prefer the more sinister and depraved variety.

This is the first google image result for 'dark elf'.
This is one of the more modest pictures.
This fact did not affect my descision to play dark elves.

With the arrival of a new army book and lots of awesome new models I have decided to bring my legions of despair onto the internet, over the next year I will be slowly repainting, updating and adding to my oldest army with the intention of eventually taking to the battlefield against my old foes: the hated high elves.

Having not battled with them for a few years I don't know exactly how many points I own; probably somewhere between 3500 and 4000. My plan is to be able to field any unit from the dark elf army book  led by a variety of heroes from several different houses and court factions, all under the auspices of the mighty Dreadlord Doombringer himself. My army is to be divided broadly into three parts; each one representing a different aspect of the forces Doombringer commands: the Blood Legion, the Doomspire Fleet and The Temple of Khaine. Supplementing these forces will be the dreaded Blood-Seer Coven and the personal retinue of the Dreadlord himself.

  • The Blood Legion is the largest of the three sub-factions, representing the soldiery of the fleet commanded by the ruthless generals of House Lancarion. 
  • The Doomspire Fleet is comprised of all the naval assets available to the Dreadlord, most notably the corsairs led by the fearsome captains of House Victarian.
  • The Temple of Khaine, smallest of the three, whose current force has been disbanded due to lack of models with the intention of using, almost exclusively, the new models to form it. 

Background, WIP pics and my thoughts on the new rules will all be appearing on the blog over the next few months as well as a few more Army Showcase articles for models I finished over the summer. I have pre-ordered several items that will be arriving this weekend. As soon as I can I will unbox some of them and post it to the blog. My dark elves will now be my main focus for the next six months with only the Hobbit and some custom D&D minis as side projects.

A chill wind is blowing in from the north as the lesser races tremble at our approach.

It's our world. You just die in it.

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