Friday, 28 June 2013


So it has come to this...

All credit to XKCD

Eyes of the Snake is officially one year old today! Happy anniversary.

Best. Cake. Ever

I'd like to throw out a quick thanks to all you readers for sticking with us and also to my fellow bloggers who've helped keep this thing active whilst I've been otherwise preoccupied. (A most special thanks to Doombringer, he deserves overtime).

So basically, we've lasted a whole year. I hope you guys have been enjoying the stuff we're putting up here, thanks for your support and I pledge to continue on in this vein. In fact, I think we can take it up a notch...

----Watch this space----

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 13 - Librarian Lord Arafel

Lord Arafel, often known as 'the Black' for his dark temperament, is the Chief Librarian of the Blackwing. He represents the chapter on the Hellcarian Inquisitorial High Council and aids Castellan Cyrus on the day-to-day running of the chapter. Above the petty politics much of chapter command embroil themselves in, Arafel seeks only to do his duty and perfect his mighty psychic powers.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Menoth - Heavy Warjacks 1

The Crusader is a fairly simple warjack; it runs up the field and hits stuff with it's Inferno Mace, supported by Kreoss a Crusader can happily romp it's way around a battlefield smashing most things it comes across. In one game I even had it kill the enemy warcaster after two rounds of combat and some magical support. The crusader has an open fist in addition to it's main weapon which offers some flexibility in combat


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

High Elves review part II: Lords

Now I finally move on to the second part of my High Elf review. The Lords section has become very interesting with the addition of competition to the almost obligatory Archmage of the last book. The magic items and High Magic are topics too big for me to discuss here so I'll cover them later. For now, I'll look into the Lords themselves and how they stand in comparison to each other.

Let's get on with it, starting with the classic choice:

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 12 - Castellan Cyrus of the Tower

Castellan Cyrus commands the Black Pinnacle: the Fortress-Monestary of the Blackwing, from here he organises and maintains the chapter as well as leading the local defence forces. Cyrus is a Dark Angel loyalist who fiercely opposes any Inquisitorial meddling in Blackwing affairs, something he has come to blows with Absolom over many times. Spiteful and possessing a long memory, Cyrus waits patiently for the day he can usurp Absolom and begin rooting out Inquisitorial loyalists, making the Blackwing worthy successors of the Dark Angels.

Castellan Cyrus

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 11 - Brother Zephiel and Inquisitor Tobias

Hero of the Battle of Darcadian IV, Brother Zephiel is one of the most revered and decorated members of the Blackwing. A talented leader of men he is much loved by his fellow brothers-in-arms and admired by the Imperial Guardsmen of Hellcaris. It is expected that he shall be promoted to Company Master upon the creation of the Blackwing's next company.

Inquisitor Tobias is one of the senior leaders of the Hellcarian Inquisitorial Conclave and overseer of the star system's military forces. It was he who suggested the creation of the Blackwing and has watched over their development. A master Biomancer he takes to the field eyes aflame with green light and wielding the mighty force hammer Epicurus. 

Brother Zephiel
Inquisitor Tobias

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Menoth - High Exemplar Kreoss

My first war caster straight out of the battlebox. High Exemplar Kreoss is a decent all-rounder with a mix of defensive and offensive spells at his disposal with a powerful feat that can easily change the course of a game used correctly. Despite carrying the mighty Spellbreaker I have found him to be a bit squishy and more suited to being a mid-field caster supporting his warjacks rather than fighting with them. 
High Exemplar Kreoss

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Dead March to War

This is truly an exciting time to be a 40k player...

The GW website says. Is it actually? Well, in my opinion, yes. In case you hadn't heard there's a new product out on the GW website for pre-order:

The Iyanden Codex: Eldar supplement!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Homemade Terrain!

Hello Strangers!

Been a while since my last post unfortunately. University has been getting in the way. Damn you education system! Now I have 4 months of holidays so I should be getting back into it.
Unfortunately, right now I'm the only one back so until my compadres return and we can get back to gaming I'm stuck twiddling my thumbs. So instead of being completely lazy I set myself to (attempting) to make some terrain to see what I could come up with!
At first I didn't have much to work with apart from some card I found around the place so I started experimenting and making some prototypes to see what I could try and make work until the plasticard I ordered arrived.
As does pretty much everything in my life I started of with doodles!
For the first time in my life Pythagoras actually came in handy!

I had an idea from the space hulk set to try and make a kind of multi part trench or walkway so that you can mix and match and make whatever kind of pattern you want with them. For the prototypes I just made a corner section, a ramp and an end section with a platform.

I'm planning to make these out of plasticard and glue instead of tape and card when I can and make a few different types such as T sections, crossroads, straight sections and I'm going to try making an end section that ends in rubble to make it look like its been destroyed.
These work quite well to say they are only made from card and tape. But the walkways on these are only 30mm across which leads to problems for anything that doesn't have a 25mm base.

With this in mind I went a bit more adventurous (and sympathetic for the fattys with their 40mm bases) and went for something a bit larger.

As you can see the ramp on this I made larger. A whole 75mm to be exact! This means that even the chunky dreadnoughts can amble their way up into a better firing position.

Then a miracle occurred! The plasticard arrived! *cue fireworks*
Before I started remaking all that I had already made out of card I decided to have a play around first and came up with this.

IMHO I don't think its too bad for a first try. The ramp is 50mm across so provides access for terminators and other 40mm base models.
My main problem now however is that I need to find some cheap gray paint and get them looking all pretty!

I'm going to try making more like these so I'll post the results when I can!

Melons, out!

The Blackwing Part 10 - Armoured Support

I managed to cheaply get hold of some armoured support for my Blackwing, being second hand they had been modelled with some battle damage but I didn't mind. I painted both the Dreadnought and Razorback to look as dirty as possible, as if previously mass produced and irregularly cleaned since. Despite playing Imperial Guard I have only painted a few vehicles and generally prefer infantry which may be part of the reason for the fairly bland colours. 

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