Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 11 - Brother Zephiel and Inquisitor Tobias

Hero of the Battle of Darcadian IV, Brother Zephiel is one of the most revered and decorated members of the Blackwing. A talented leader of men he is much loved by his fellow brothers-in-arms and admired by the Imperial Guardsmen of Hellcaris. It is expected that he shall be promoted to Company Master upon the creation of the Blackwing's next company.

Inquisitor Tobias is one of the senior leaders of the Hellcarian Inquisitorial Conclave and overseer of the star system's military forces. It was he who suggested the creation of the Blackwing and has watched over their development. A master Biomancer he takes to the field eyes aflame with green light and wielding the mighty force hammer Epicurus. 

Brother Zephiel
Inquisitor Tobias

The other day I finished re-painting both my Isengard and Sisters of Battle armies. It was nice to bring out some of my old armies and give them a new lease of life, some models required only a freshening of colours whereas others were redone entirely but overall I am happy with their updated appearance. I will be posting my Battle Sisters in a few weeks time and my Isengard as soon as I finish basing the last few Uruk-hai. 

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