Monday, 3 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 10 - Armoured Support

I managed to cheaply get hold of some armoured support for my Blackwing, being second hand they had been modelled with some battle damage but I didn't mind. I painted both the Dreadnought and Razorback to look as dirty as possible, as if previously mass produced and irregularly cleaned since. Despite playing Imperial Guard I have only painted a few vehicles and generally prefer infantry which may be part of the reason for the fairly bland colours. 

My Blacking is now nearly fully painted; now I have only 3 HQs, a squad of Ravenwing and a squad of Deathwing left to do. With these completed I will have finished another small army that in future will make up part of my Imperial Apocalypse force alongside my Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle. Due to exams and other things requiring my time it will be a while until I finish these last few men though I will still be posting other content relating to my various other projects.

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