Friday, 28 February 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion I

Foremost of the great houses that serve the Doom Spire; House Lancarion is the most powerful family to rise from the ranks of the Blood Legion in centuries. After ousting House Fireblade from the ark, the Lancarions monopolised the position of Lord-General as well as other High and Low Council positions. Possessed of a ruthless drive for power they often go to extraordinary lengths to better the fortunes of their family.

Originally from Chrace; the Lancarions were one of the few families outside Nagarythe who supported Malekith during the elven civil war. Their army was crushed by the loyalists in the opening stages of the war forcing them to flee to Anlec. Here they served several of the great houses as mercenary generals where they had some success fighting against their farmer kinsmen. Upon the sundering and destruction of the outer kingdoms the Lancarions fled north with the dark elves and entered into the servitude of the Doom Spire Fleet.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Menoth - Support Units

To finish off my 15 point Menoth list I have added two support units to empower my warjacks.

The choir of Menoth is an auto-take unit in almost every menoth list. Their hymns grant a variety of benefits to 'jacks in my battlegroup that allow them to take on more powerful warjacks than themselves and win. The Vassal is a great support solo that gives me a lot more flexibility with what my warlocks can do within a given turn. I haven't had a chance to use him yet in a battle but I would like to get another heavy warjack to try fielding him with.

The Choir of Menoth

A Vassal of Menoth

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Warriors of Order

This has been a project I have been thinking about for around a year now. Whilst rummaging through an old book shop hidden deep in the English countryside I stumbled upon rules for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Upon buying the book and reading it at home I discovered something I had previously not known about the Warhammer world: that there are Gods of Law as opposites to the Gods of Chaos. This obscure and long-forgotten lore point piqued my interest and has been rattling inside my head for quite some time now. 

A few months ago I kit-bashed a test model which I like but it seems to be missing something I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps his armour is just not distinct enough from the dark elf/eldar pieces I used, that he is lacking in 'uniqueness'? Perhaps. For now I have left the project to stew over in my mind until I get some new ideas for these Warriors of Order, I just thought you might like to see this test-mini. 
Morzhar, Prophet of Law
Test I

Friday, 7 February 2014

The Hobbit - Bolg/Gundabad Orc General

I am very, much a Tolkien purist and I did enjoy the Desolation of Smaug. There were however one or two moments I felt were pointless additions. The biggest disappointment however was the decision to use a CGI Bolg at the last minute when they had already filmed Conan Stevens as a live action Bolg that looked far superior. I'm not saying Bolg didn't look good in the film. I thought he looked suitably creepy and evil as any son of Azog should. However I think he totally lacked the brutal and badass look that the scrapped live action Bolg had.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Victarian I

The position of Lord-Admiral is wholly dependent upon the favour of the Corsair Captains and it is rare  any house holds the position for more than two generations before being ousted. After Lord-Admiral Raelith Bloodcrest was assassinated the corsairs chose Admiral Helkhan of house Victarian to represent them on the High-Council. House Victarian is a well respected family known for excessive violence and expert seamanship, serving as admirals in the Doomspire fleet they have won the fear and respect of their subordinates making it only a matter of time before their ascendancy.

As a younger family competing against the ancient and powerful Lancarions, the Victarians have to remain ever wary of their rival houses. Whilst House Lancarion maintains their power on the Palace of Loathing and the Lord-Chancellor commands from the Doom Spire itself, the Victarians upon controlling the position of Lord-Admiaral used the vast resources at their disposal to have constructed their own Black Ark. Taking twenty years and the deaths of thousands of slaves the Tower of Hate was built. Rather than being a fortress adapted to life on the seas as the original arks, the Tower of Hate is the deadliest ship in the fleet on account of it's modern, practical engineering. Larger in size than the Palace of Loathing but smaller than the Doom Spire, it was built with naval engagements and amphibious assaults in mind being built to have large decks for broadsides and a streamlined iron hull allowing it to reach greater speeds than a vessel its size should.

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