Monday, 26 November 2012


I failed!!

I can't help but wonder if that's actually a success...

Yes I acknowledge it, I failed in my promise to do one post every week/every two weeks. I hereby submit myself to imperial penance (which likely involves being next to a Captain in a Guard squad with the words 'Look Out Sir!' written on my shirt). I would make use of the age old excuse that I let my work get slightly ahead of me and have been playing a game of catch up for two weeks but that was at least in part caused by my own procrastination and I owe you better than that.

So, here is my current list of Gaming 'stuff' that has been done in the past two weeks plus a little sneak into what I'm planning to come, just to throw you a little teaser.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Doombringer's Harlequinade Part 2

Continuing with my Batman themed harlequins we have my Death Jester - The Penguin. Primarily based off of the Adam West TV series but with some influences from Arkham City and the comics. I wanted to cram as many classic Penguin motifs into it: from the crooked top hat to monocle and cigarette holder. It doesn't show up very well in the photos but his hands have been made into flippers like Danny DeVito's deformed version of the character in Batman Returns. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I would walk 500 inches: part II

--encoded message incoming, original message delayed--

--transmission begins--

And so begins the second post about the beleaguered yet dogged footsloggers of the 40k universe. In my last post I kind of skimmed over the general benefits of footslogging along with the benefits of transports (know your enemy and such like) so in this article I'm going to go into slightly more detail. To begin with, I've postponed my 'Deployment and Power of the Mind' post so that I can go over a footslogging list. My reasoning is that I want to go over what I'm thinking when I'm writing a footslogging list and why I'm making my decision. Also, I will be using vassal pictures in the coming articles to give examples and this will be the list I will be using there. I felt I couldn't just show units going down in 'tactical' deployment (or as close as I get to tactical) without actually explaining why I'd picked those units. So, enough explanations, onto the list:

Grey Knights 1000pts

HQ -  Brotherhood Champion
Elites - 7x purifiers -halberds, incinerator
Troops - 10x Strike Squad - 2xpsycannon, hammer, psybolts
               5x Termies - 4xhalberds, 1xhammer, psycannon
               5x Strike Squad
Heavy - Dreadnought -TL lascannon

This list is, you may have noticed, not particularly optimised. I still want to try shifting stuff around and trying new things but so far it has fared pretty well. I'll start this article looking at the roles of each of my units in this list and explaining why they're there.
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