Monday, 26 November 2012


I failed!!

I can't help but wonder if that's actually a success...

Yes I acknowledge it, I failed in my promise to do one post every week/every two weeks. I hereby submit myself to imperial penance (which likely involves being next to a Captain in a Guard squad with the words 'Look Out Sir!' written on my shirt). I would make use of the age old excuse that I let my work get slightly ahead of me and have been playing a game of catch up for two weeks but that was at least in part caused by my own procrastination and I owe you better than that.

So, here is my current list of Gaming 'stuff' that has been done in the past two weeks plus a little sneak into what I'm planning to come, just to throw you a little teaser.

Well, I've fallen a little behind on my Mordheim as I've had to miss the pass few weeks of sessions (sad face). Apparently there's a pretty scary Vampire on the rampage and some new Dwarves ( which spellcheck wants to change to Dwarfs - NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) replacing the Possessed (who's Magister had been permanently ended by my own heroic Captain Bingham the Halfling). Looks like when I'm back there'll have to be some serious purging done.

On the topic of Mordheim ol' Doombringer's starting up a casual campaign to keep in reserve if we ever need it so I'll be busting out the Skaven for that one (I'm thinking a small, elite warband. That should totally freak them out). And also maybe a Pit Fighter Warband in case I need to start afresh in my current campaign (if the Halflings get too good it's no longer fun for example. This could be a very real threat as they're actually beginning to scare me. And get a reputation)

It's not because I've been watching Spartacus recently

I really love that show...
The 3rd instalment of my footsloggers article series is also in the works still (honest, procrastination has been in firm control though...) so I should have that out soon. Also hopefully I bit more Vassal with Melons if we can find a time when we're both free.

Aside from that it's really been mostly mundane stuff. My hobby has been on the low recently, much to my chagrin, but hopefully this can soon be remedied.

Thanks for bearing with me folks, normal broadcasting will resume imminently....

Till then.

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