Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 1 - The Van Fell Dynasty

Doombringer here. As you have no doubt noticed blog progress has been slow with everyone so busy, to remedy this I dredged up some old pictures of some of my armies to post. Up first we have my modest 1000 points Vampire Counts army: The Van Fell Dynasty.

When the Strigoi capital fell to orc invaders; one of the vampires attempted to escape the destruction with a teleportation spell. The effort was foiled when a nearby goblin shaman miscast causing a disturbance in the winds of magic: sending the vampire hurtling across eight dimensions and landing in the Realm of Souls. Over thousands of years she clawed her way back to reality: fighting off the spirits of the damned, reapers of the death gods and other eldrich abominations. Returning to the world mad and bent on vengeance she saw her kin degenerate beasts ruling as Ghoul Kings, she proclaimed herself the Heir of Ushoran and vowed to feast upon the rest of vampire kind for turning against them. Taking the name Countess Victoria Van Fell she has begun her quest for absolute power.

Countess Victoria Van Fell

The Cadaver King and Terrorgheist

Sir Alistair Van Fell


I decided on green as the predominant colour in this army to make it visually distinctive from my crimson dark elves and blue warriors of chaos. The core of the army is formed around three twenty man strong units; one of which is comprised of zombies, the other two made from skaven can be used as either zombies or skeletons. Making up most of the points is my Terrorgheist who wreaks absolute havoc in 1000 point games but if killed the rest of the force usually falls apart. More pictures of this army will appear sometime later this week as will some other Army Showcases to provide content while everyone else is busy.

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  1. i love this army showcase! i have saved the pics of it in my desktop because i totally admired it. also sent the link of this to my classmates so they can have a look too.


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