Monday, 29 July 2013

Eldar painting WIP

Picture heavy post this time guys, once again I apologise for the quality of my photos, I'm working with the standard camera I have.

So most of my hobby time recently has been devoted to painting up Prince Yriel and my Harlequin squad to a standard that I believe does the beauty of the miniatures justice. This is taking a while because my painting is on the whole quite average, but I find that doing this I've really improved for the reason that I've been trying new techniques and they're paying off. So I'll take you into a little look at the painting I've been undertaking and the discoveries I've made.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Army Showcase - Part 5 - Kabal of the Immortal Sin

The Depravum family can be traced back to the days of the Eldar Empire where they were a secretive family of criminals that provided their services to the most wealthy and powerful noble houses that resided in the webway. With the rise of the pleasure cults the family acted as a supplier of all manner of exotic things to the secluded pocket dimensions many nobles ruled as havens to live out their every whim. When the fall of the Eldar occurred they were safe in the webway, in the port of Commoragh. They were quick to establish themselves as a shadowy organization that ruled the noble houses and later the kabals with many puppet rulers or loyal cousins. Hundreds of family members are infiltrating every kabal in the dark city all the time, the Depravum’s ultimate goal to rule the entire dark eldar race as family members ascend to archons of every kabal united under a single patriarch or matriarch of the Depravum. During the short and unsuccessful reign of Durizael Depravum as patriarch many family operations were put on hold as they consolidated their grip on the Kabal of the Immortal Sin, soon becoming it’s de-facto rulers and using its fortress as family headquarters. Under the new rule of Lethis Depravum the family has renewed its activities, conquering district after district of the dark city; creating a small empire centered around the dark citadel of the Immortal Sin. 

The Kabal of the Immortal Sin are amongst he oldest of the Kabals; able to trace their origins to a mercenary group operating out of a fortress deep in the centre of the dark city. For millennia they have served as a front to the Depravum family, one of which serving as the Kabal Archon. Safe behind the walls of their impenetrable fortress the Kabal of the Immortal Sin very rarely attempt to exert their influence much beyond their immediate surroundings, only in recent years under the reign of self-styled Empress Lethis Depravum have they begun to expand. Previously under the reign of the incompetent Durizael Depravum the Kabal suffered from factional in-fighting and was at it's weakest when Lethis returned from her mysterious absence. Since her return Durizael has remained Archon though the
de facto ruler of the Kabal of Immortal Sin is Lethis.

The Depravum Archons
Maugris, Durizael and Karzein

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Army Showcase - Part 4 - The Eastern Kingdoms

This year as well as painting the 'Escape from Goblin Town' set I have been repainting some of my other Lord of the Rings armies. First to be completed was my Eastern Kingdoms army; quick and dirty I completed this army in only three painting sittings over two months. Using a limited colour palette I achieved a uniformed appearance that looks good on the table top with minimum effort. Not quite 1000 points and intended to act as allies to my larger Harad and Umbar force, I am thinking of perhaps expanding this army with some mixed infantry some point in the future.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Eldar: The Hack and Slash

So I've been attempting to draw up numerous Eldar lists for my Yriel led Pirates and I have to say I'm having a whale of a time. Everything in this codex seems to have a pull to it that makes me want to field everything!

Annoyingly they all cost many points so this is not viable.

Leafing through the Codex to begin composing these lists I've been trying to weigh up the value of the units compared to each other. Everyone and their dogs have been raving about wave serpents, which is understandable seeing how they can just do almost anything you need them to. So I won't go into that as it's been covered to death.

Well maybe not to death....I'm so sorry...
However, my current dilemma falls into a different category. Assault.

Yes I know 'Assault is dead' is repeatedly uttered without regard to the feelings of all those poor combat units out there. But regardless of this opinion I would disagree, assault is harder than shooting. And not as easy to pull off, but it is not dead. I can assure you.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mordheim - Carnival of Chaos - Part 2

Just thought I would add a few group shots of my warband as a quick follow up to the individual shots previously posted.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Eldar: The beginning

Ok, I love Elves. I just need to get that out the way. Sue me for it later if you want.

By the way, this is the first google image for
searching 'elf' that isn't Will Ferrel...
And that definitely doesn't affect my decision at all...

I often wondered what 40k army I'd play if I were to do a Xenos force (or at least a non-marine one). Now I know the answer.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mordheim - Carnival of Chaos - Part 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Ghouls,
Step right up,
Within this tent lies a chaotic concoction 
of delight, horror, fantasy and terror.
Your every wish is our command, 
Your every murderous desire brought to life, 
But i'm warning you,
There's always a price.
Welcome to the Carnival of Chaos!

I have had some photos of my Mordheim warband on my computer for a while now and after a period of painting very little I thought now would be a good time to introduce these delightful creeps to the world. Unlike with my other armies I won't post any background on them as the carnival is inherently mysterious; appearing from nowhere and leaving only blood and pestilence in it's wake...

The Ringmaster

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Blackwing Part 14 - Chief Apothacarium Nehremiah

Deformed at birth with a clawed and malformed left arm, his parents readily gave him over to the Inquisition suspecting him to be warp-tainted. The inquisitors soon recognised him as a psyker of some power and spared him execution despite his deformity. Inquisitor Loken the Elder took him onto his staff and used the young boy as his squire, during these early years of service to the senior inquisitor Nehremiah showed a talent for surgery and biological sciences. A developing biomancer, Loken transferred him into the service of Inquisitor Tobias where his abilities were further honed. When the Inquisitor Lord of Hellcaris sanctioned the formation of the Blackwing it was Tobias who was put in charge of the founding. Nehremiah was present with his master when the first members of the Blackwing were made full marines and he instantly became fascinated by the process and its mysteries. After several years he finally convinced Tobias to have him made a space marine and was inducted into the Blackwing as Chief Apothecary.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Menoth - Light Warjacks 1

These two light warjacks are more specialised than my heavy warjack: the Revenger with a mystical arc node and the Repenter with it's flamethrower. In the games I have played so far these two have done little more than flank either side of my Crusader and provide distractions. The Revenger with it's arc node gives Kreoss more flexibility with his spells so I will probably continue to use it in future. The Repenter however has been of little use so far, I may simply be using it wrong but I would sooner replace it with a different warjack with a heavier weapon. 


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