Friday, 5 July 2013

The Blackwing Part 14 - Chief Apothacarium Nehremiah

Deformed at birth with a clawed and malformed left arm, his parents readily gave him over to the Inquisition suspecting him to be warp-tainted. The inquisitors soon recognised him as a psyker of some power and spared him execution despite his deformity. Inquisitor Loken the Elder took him onto his staff and used the young boy as his squire, during these early years of service to the senior inquisitor Nehremiah showed a talent for surgery and biological sciences. A developing biomancer, Loken transferred him into the service of Inquisitor Tobias where his abilities were further honed. When the Inquisitor Lord of Hellcaris sanctioned the formation of the Blackwing it was Tobias who was put in charge of the founding. Nehremiah was present with his master when the first members of the Blackwing were made full marines and he instantly became fascinated by the process and its mysteries. After several years he finally convinced Tobias to have him made a space marine and was inducted into the Blackwing as Chief Apothecary.

Despised by many for his physical deformities and reputation for foul experiments, he often clashes with Dark Angel loyalists who oppose inquisitorial meddling in Blackwing affairs. Nehremiah is a staunch supporter of Absolom and clashes regularly with Cyrus who would have him executed. The Castellan regularly and publicly argues with his Chief Apothecary, even going so far as to have his laboratories regularly searched to ensure he isn't conducting any of his rumoured experiments on gene-seeds.

In reality Cyrus is correct on all accounts. The Inquisition is not only using the Blackwing to carry out clandestine operations, often against other branches of the Inquisition, but Nehremiah has been conducting secret research into space marine genetics using his position of Chief Apothecary to gain access to marine bodies, gene-seeds and even chapter archives. Long he has been amassing information for his inquisitorial masters and, despite suspicion from the very start, has been successfully avoiding detection. Cyrus rages at being unable to uncover anything to incriminate Nehremiah though everyday Interrogator-Chaplian Anselm begins to put the pieces together and it may not be long until tensions within the Blackwing explode.

An unexpected addition to my Blackwing, I found an old apothecary missing an arm in the bottom of one of my bitz boxes, found a spare Skulltaker hand and went crazy. Certainly an unusual miniature that turned out oddly sinister and characterful, I will be using him as a librarian or chaplain in games where I want to field two of that option but more than anything he is just a characterful and unique addition to the army. 

A longer blog post than anticipated but I tend to get carried away when creating new heroes; especially those with such an unusual, customised model. 

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