Saturday, 30 June 2012

Into the Arena

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I felt I'd better give myself a short introduction before I kicked off into anything worthwhile. Yes folks, blogger number 1 here (by merit of being early not achieving anything) is myself, The Euphemism.
*Oh Fortuna...*
Now I've all calmed down I can step out of my delusion and move on.
I'd better start by explaining that I'm no expert. I have been playing warhammer (and occasionally other things) for at least 10 years now but when it comes to winning anything it's still more likely to be luck than any tactics on my part. However, I do believe I am improving in gaming and modelling but that's not for me to say really.

I was going to go into some detail about how I'd got into the hobby but that's not really necessary here. I'll just overview:
I started with Warhammer Fantasy: High Elves (first love/go to guys)
                                                        Skaven (Skavenslayer by William King really set that off)
                                                        Ogres (Very recent, mainly to build up my modelling skills)
40k was my second system: Pure Grey knights (old Daemonhunters codex)
                                            Space wolves (off and on)
I joined 40k about half way through 5th ed - feels very strange now that's coming to an end - and started off with Pure Grey Knights and moved into Space Wolves because of the idea of viking-esque heroes really appealed to me.

I'm not really a competitive player, but naturally I do like to win so I do try to. I'll post some of my current lists soon but we'll see how things pan out with 6th ed.
Now the intro is over I can move on.
Again, stay tuned.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Welcome one/possibly all

Hey, thanks for reading and as the title says welcome to Eyes of the Snake.

(kind of wish I lived here)

This is just a short post to explain us. We are going to be a blog run by three independent (in the losest sense of the word) bloggers about war gaming in general, mostly centred around Warhammer. Seperate posts should be going up soon to introduce everyone.

Well that didn't take long.
Stay tuned folks.
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