Sunday, 26 October 2014

Inquisitor Tobias the Witch-Hammer

I have spent my life fighting the Daemon and all his warp-spawned abominations. Every horror of Chaos I have faced and smote in the name of the Emperor only to turn around and see worse monsters amongst my own order. The Ordo Malleus is a pious body but riddled with the cancers of corruption and radicalism that threaten to choke the life from it. I saw my brothers for what they were: heretics and witches of the most despicable kind; parading beneath the proud aquilla when in their hearts was only the wretched star of chaos. In my moment of revelation I was taken in by my true brothers in the Ordo Hereticus who filled me with a new purpose: I would no longer slay the enemies without but the enemies who threatened our Imperium from within. 

A hundred-thousand heretics have fallen beneath my hammer since then; each more vile and blasphemous than the last. A hundred worlds have burnt at my command and many more have suffered under the piercing gaze of my Inquisition. I am the Inquisitor-Marshal of Hellcaris, Slayer of Daemons, Witch-Hammer and Lord of the Untainted.  

Who are you to question my authority?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Reviving my Dark Eldar - Coven Master Aringrax the Twisted

"Flee pathetic mortals! You can run as far as you want but your flesh belongs to me now!"

 Following the fall of Lethis Depravum on Lehron IV the master of the Coven of the Ebon Hand was slain and the Haemonculi fell into chaos. From this anarchy rose Aringrax whom had previously ran the mere day-to-day business of the coven. He offered the coven order and stability if he was made master of the coven itself, the alternative was a swift death at the hands of his pet Talos Pain Engine. Aringrax thus ascended to the power he had craved for so long, killing any who got in his way. Knowing he had many enemies within Commoragh who would seek to usurp him; Aringrax chose to take his coven into exile with the Skin-Lords and became the Faceless Archon's second-in-command. Paranoid and living in the shadow of his long-dead masters he seeks to build and triumph above all his predecessors. He will succeed where they failed and become the greatest Haemonculus in all history! For Aringrax failure is not an option.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Reviving My Dark Eldar - An Army Reborn

Looking at my armies this year as I finish off the last few models I decided that my Dark Eldar army looked a bit bland and uninspired despite the amount of background I wrote for it. You can see it in these posts: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3. I decided it was time for a dark and gritty re-boot so I moved the story of the Depravum on a few years to their fall and to what sick creatures have risen from the ashes. You can read the start of the story here: Rise of the Faceless Archon and it will continue over a series of upcoming posts that will be grouped together on a dedicated page. For now you can enjoy some army/unit pictures and some of my thoughts on the Scions of the Skin-Lord...

The Scions of the Skin-Lord

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Game of Thrones - House Lannister

House Lannister is arguably the most interesting of the great houses of Westeros with a slew of complex characters at the very centre of the sexy political intrigue that makes Game of Thrones so enthralling. Continuing with the 'War in the Riverlands' theme I have built a heavily armoured Lannister patrol to be ambushed by the Blackfish or Thoros of Myr.

Hear Me Roar!
This war band represents a Lannister patrol led by Ser Addam Marbrand: the leader of Tywin Lannister's outriders from the books and a childhood friend of Ser Jaime Lannister. What this war band lacks in ranged combat it makes up for with cavalry, three knights of the Westerlands and Ser Addam himself leading the charge against the rebel northerners.

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