Monday, 21 November 2016

Returning to Warmachine

Over the summer my brother, on a whim, busted out his Warmachine stuff and coaxed me into having some games with him. While I fared miserably against the might of Cygnar, it did prompt me into doing something with my Menites. I started playing Warmachine in 2013 but between Dark Elves and the End Times my fledgeling collection has received very little attention for quite a few years now.

After a few games in August I decided to re-paint my Warmachine stuff and add a few things to my collection as a side project to my Flesh-Eater Court. I have already spent some time experimenting with colour schemes and after failing to work out a gold and bone scheme I have settled on a dark look of silver, black and deep turquoise.

I have based the look on this plog I found on Privateer Press's Forums: DonQuijotes Menoth
While I won't be copying the scheme exactly I will admit that I am borrowing very heavily from it as inspiration. For a long time I have not really liked darker Menoth schemes but this one won me over and I have elected to batch paint my entire collection in this darker style.

I would like to qualify that I have not suddenly become a master of tiny freehand overnight. The text on her scroll was done using an exceptionally fine pen.

I appreciate these are not the best photos and the minis are incredibly WIP but I though that if I post them now I will find the motivation to try and finish them before Christmas. Check back in a few weeks time and we shall see if we can get some better picture of some finished minis on here.

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