Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all from us here at EotS!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I would walk 500 inches: Part III

And it's time for Part III in the footsloggers 'tactica' I have been composing. So far I've talked about the positives and negatives of transports and footslogging and examined a list to see the ideas behind unit choices. Now, I will move on to:
  • General Deployment ideas
  • The Power of the Mind

So without further ado:

Friday, 14 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 3 - The Hellcaris 1st Legion

Finally this week we have my Imperial Guard army that forms part of my Imperial Apocalypse army. Since these pictures were taken a few more models have been added and I am currently working on adding some Adeptus Mechanicus stuff as well soon. In fact now I think about it some of the models have even been repainted since I took these! Never mind, I will just have to add them in a later post.

Originally being only a few units of cheap Inquisitorial Stormtroopers for my Witch Hunters; I began expanding them into allied Guard units before they became a fully fledged army. 

I painted them in a grungy urban camouflage scheme as I envisaged them as ground troops for Inquisitorial operations with my brightly painted Sisters of Battle being specialist purging troops and the Blackwing being similarly dark acting as support troops to the guardsmen and given specific battlefield objectives to fulfil. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 2 - The Van Fell Dynasty

Continuing from last time we have a few more pictures of my vampire counts and introducing my two necromancers.

Requiring aid the Countess roamed far and wide for a necromancer to help her raise an army. On the streets of Sartosa she found a man sitting in the gutter who claimed to be a master necromancer and all powerful lord of death. His alcohol laced breath did nothing to assure her but the powerful magical aura that surrounded him was enough. Calling himself 'Captain' Ernst von Drakkenhart he claims to have invented necromancy before Nagash was born, that the Purple Sun would have been named after him if his apprentice Xereus hadn't stolen his research and that the consumption of livers granted him tremendous magical powers. How much of his drunken ramblings are true we may never know but the captain does seem to wield noteworthy powers and is quite adept at manipulating the undead. Serving as his apprentice is the Necro-Engineer Skisrick Turncloak who betrayed his clan for promises of necromantic power. His former clan now makes up a significant portion of the growing undead army.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 1 - The Van Fell Dynasty

Doombringer here. As you have no doubt noticed blog progress has been slow with everyone so busy, to remedy this I dredged up some old pictures of some of my armies to post. Up first we have my modest 1000 points Vampire Counts army: The Van Fell Dynasty.

When the Strigoi capital fell to orc invaders; one of the vampires attempted to escape the destruction with a teleportation spell. The effort was foiled when a nearby goblin shaman miscast causing a disturbance in the winds of magic: sending the vampire hurtling across eight dimensions and landing in the Realm of Souls. Over thousands of years she clawed her way back to reality: fighting off the spirits of the damned, reapers of the death gods and other eldrich abominations. Returning to the world mad and bent on vengeance she saw her kin degenerate beasts ruling as Ghoul Kings, she proclaimed herself the Heir of Ushoran and vowed to feast upon the rest of vampire kind for turning against them. Taking the name Countess Victoria Van Fell she has begun her quest for absolute power.

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