Friday, 14 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 3 - The Hellcaris 1st Legion

Finally this week we have my Imperial Guard army that forms part of my Imperial Apocalypse army. Since these pictures were taken a few more models have been added and I am currently working on adding some Adeptus Mechanicus stuff as well soon. In fact now I think about it some of the models have even been repainted since I took these! Never mind, I will just have to add them in a later post.

Originally being only a few units of cheap Inquisitorial Stormtroopers for my Witch Hunters; I began expanding them into allied Guard units before they became a fully fledged army. 

I painted them in a grungy urban camouflage scheme as I envisaged them as ground troops for Inquisitorial operations with my brightly painted Sisters of Battle being specialist purging troops and the Blackwing being similarly dark acting as support troops to the guardsmen and given specific battlefield objectives to fulfil. 

Lord-General Hans Metzger and Command Squad

Thats the last Army Showcase I will be able to do for a while until I have time to take some more photos. I hope these articles have provided a bit of relief from the tactics and battle reports everyone else has been posting, I for one simply enjoy looking at other people's work. Though I am far from being a master painter I think it is always important to see as many armies as you can and steal the best ideas you find.

Anyway, probably won't post again until I have more pictures, which will probably be a while.
Doombringer out.

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