Thursday, 13 December 2012

Army Showcase - Part 2 - The Van Fell Dynasty

Continuing from last time we have a few more pictures of my vampire counts and introducing my two necromancers.

Requiring aid the Countess roamed far and wide for a necromancer to help her raise an army. On the streets of Sartosa she found a man sitting in the gutter who claimed to be a master necromancer and all powerful lord of death. His alcohol laced breath did nothing to assure her but the powerful magical aura that surrounded him was enough. Calling himself 'Captain' Ernst von Drakkenhart he claims to have invented necromancy before Nagash was born, that the Purple Sun would have been named after him if his apprentice Xereus hadn't stolen his research and that the consumption of livers granted him tremendous magical powers. How much of his drunken ramblings are true we may never know but the captain does seem to wield noteworthy powers and is quite adept at manipulating the undead. Serving as his apprentice is the Necro-Engineer Skisrick Turncloak who betrayed his clan for promises of necromantic power. His former clan now makes up a significant portion of the growing undead army.

The Countess and 'Captain' Ernst von Drakkenhart

Necro-Engineer Skisrick Turncloak

Thats all from this army, some time in the next few days I will be adding some pictures from my Imperial Guard army and some of the progress of my Blackwing if I get the chance to take some photos. After christmas I plan on posting some Mordheim and Hobbit miniatures to keep the Fantasy side of thing going. 

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