Sunday, 24 March 2019

Army Showcase: Mordor

The board is set. The pieces are moving...

With 'Gondor at War' coming out, for my first Middle-Earth project of the year I decided to shift focus from my Isengard army to my Mordor one. Before I even got painting there was been quite a bit of stuff to fix and convert first which took a significant amount of time. When I first got into miniatures it was through LOTR, and I bought all kinds of random stuff which ended up being horribly converted, mangled, or lost in my formative hobby years. So as I get back into Middle-Earth I am faced with a very mixed collection of miniatures, many of which need reassembling or parts substituting to bring back them back to usable on the tabletop.

After many hours of work, more green stuff than planned, and some creative solutions to problems, I managed to cobble together an army of Mordor I am quite proud of which will be my go-to force for battles in the next few months while I have a local opponent. Its not the most technically amazing paint scheme, but its one I feel is faithful to the dark and dingy hordes of Mordor.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Project Orc - Part 2

"...the time of the Orc has come!"

Project Orc is now completed! I now have 20 generic orc warriors painted up to use in either  Mordor/Barad-Dur, Angmar, or Isengard army, with a generic captain and three banner-bearers for those forces. This was a fun little start to my 2019 plans for my LOTR forces and hopefully soon my completed Mordor army shall be appearing on the blog.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Inq28 WIP - Navigators II

After some more rooting around in my bits boxes and quite a lot of green-stuffing, I have put together my next three Navigators to finish off my war band and I've even started to get some paint on them. I've no idea if they'll ever see use on a tabletop but its proving to be an enjoyable little side project as something very different to my LOTR forces. Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll start getting them finished so check back soon to see the end results.

First up we have the leader of this war band whom I'm calling 'The Banker' for now, alongside her familiar. I really wanted to capture the essence of John Blanche in this piece, so theres plenty of weirdness all over. Though probably a negative for gameplay purposes, I wanted this miniature to have great height so envisioned this character striding across the back of some poor slave. I imagine she does not deign to walk the surface of any planet herself so has a small retinue of slaves that she walks upon the backs of whenever she descends from space.

The Banker holds a handful of keys in one hand and I thought it would be cool to convert up some kind of chest-based familiar to carry around some campaign funds in. This went through a lot of different iterations, but eventually I managed to cobble together this cyber-cherub with a bird's skull for a head which I thought was delightfully creepy and tied into the crow/raven motif I'm using in this war band.

Next we have this chap who I'm thinking of calling 'The Herald' for now who I'm envisioning as a non-combat specialist of some kind. He's based off the old Death Jester miniature with a host of other pieces and a lot of green-stuff on top. I'm looking forward to doing something fun with his banner, though I'm yet to decide if ill go with some freehand work or if I'll make a custom transfer of some kind.

Finally we have the towering mutant Navigator who I imagine is a failed challenger to the rule of the Novator, and as a consequence has been reduced to a walking guinea pig for the house Gene-wrights to experiment upon. Upon his back I've placed a sinister-looking machine which injects him with all manner of mysterious substances and records his battle performance for his brethren to review. I really wanted to make a big, hulking mutant for this force and thought it would be fun to create a miniature with a lot of movement. St. Celestine's long purity seals and the flowing hair from Fulgrim's head really help add some extra dynamism to the already leaping Crypt Horror body which I think looks really good.

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