Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to: Basing in the Realm of Death

I haven't seen too many basing tutorials for Age of Sigmar and thought I would throw this one into the mix for people to enjoy. It is a variation on a few techniques and tutorials I have seen floating around the web to make lava or to create the impression of an energy impact.

The idea behind this base is that the malignant magics of the realm of death are seeping up and forcing their way through the earth as battle is joined on the plains of Shyish.

1. Swirl your colours of death together. I elected to use several of the paints which I have used for spirits in this army: Xereus Purple, Baharroth Blue, Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey and Ceramite White

2. The base is covered in a layer of clear PVA glue. This will help the Martian Ironearth crack more dramatically.

3. When the PVA is dry put a good coating of Martian Ironearth over the base. On larger bases you will see it start to crack and separate mere seconds after application due to the PVA so make sure you work quickly. To help the effect I like to hold the drying Ironearth under a hairdryer for a few minutes as well; holding the hairdryer about 12 inches away from the base so as not to warp the plastic when on full heat.

4. When the base is dry some abaddon black is lightly dry brushed over the top just to help darken the earth and create contrast with the magical colours beneath.

5. The lip of the base is painted with Naggaroth Night mixed with a small amount of Xereus Purple (about 2:1). I then like to finish the base off with some Mordheim Turf and a little splatter of blood. When I come to stick together my Flesh-Eaters I will also paint up the odd skull and bits of bone to glue onto the base as well to help break it ups bit.

Below are some examples of this technique used on larger bases and also demonstrating how it can be done to make it appear as if spirits are rising out of the tortured earth.

Best of luck with your own basing in the Mortal Realms!

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