Sunday, 20 May 2018

Eisenhorn and Sisters of Silence WIP

Looking forward to this!
The first things I have worked on for my Custodes project are funnily enough not any Adeptus Custodes at all. Instead I have been painting up Eisenhorn, my rendition of Cherubael, and a small warband representing some of the forces available to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. This is providing me with a great opportunity to play around with the colours and techniques required for my Custodes before I get any of the miniatures.

For my Talons of the Emperor I am pretty much just following the techniques from the following videos: 
More after the jump:

- Eisenhorn and Cherubael
While I am largely attempting to follow the scheme from the artwork of Eisenhorn, I am using the same paints as my Custodes and making some deviations so that he fits within the larger army project. Cherubael is being painted in the same colours as Eisenhorn.

- Sisters of Silence
I absolutely love the Sisters of Silence miniatures (no doubt because I love Sisters of Battle) and I may end up adding some more if I have the chance. I do like the look of the Jenetia Krole miniature that Forge World have announced (the un-masked face looks awful though, mine will have the faceplate) and I would like to pick her up to act as a leader for my Silent Sisterhood. I would also like to see some more love from Forge World for this range as some of the art for various kinds of Sisters of Silence are very cool and I'd love to see some more of them on the tabletop.

- Grav-Rhino
The only vehicle available for the Sisters of Silence in 40k is a Null-Maiden Rhino which is just a regular Rhino model-wise. I thought this was a little boring so I decided to convert for them a Grav-Rhino inspired by some old Horus Heresy artwork. There's still a lot of work to do on this model but I'm happy with the tidying up I've done on this old model so far and I have an idea of what I need to do to finish it, namely adding something that will make it look like it can float!

- Astropath and Black Sentinels
The Black Sentinels are a very briefly described organisation who guard the facilities of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica in the Sol System. I decided to convert a few Stormtroopers to represent these soldiers on the tabletop as bodyguards for my Astropath. They are described as wielding lasguns and having helmets resembling snarling beasts in the book 'Praetorian of Dorn'. I decided to give them a range of different weapons just to make them more interesting and used Stormcast Vanguard helmets which incorporates a beast face in the helm.

As I'm writing this Warhammer Fest is going on and they have previewed this Sister of Battle and by the Emperor I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I'm so glad they are just updating the existing aesthetic rather than caving into various vocal groups who want to change the basic look of the Battle Sister. It perfectly captures the spirit as well as look of perhaps the most iconic piece of artwork depicting a Battle Sister who is scarred, battle-hardened, and ready to kick some heretic ass! I look forward to seeing more of the new line of miniatures in advance of their release in 2019. I guess if I need to start saving for Sisters of Battle I better start getting some projects out of the way this year! I'm largely recovered from my illness, and I have finished my exams so while I still have plenty on (and the new God of War to play through) I hope to have plenty of painting time as well.

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