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Army Showcase - Part 5 - Kabal of the Immortal Sin

The Depravum family can be traced back to the days of the Eldar Empire where they were a secretive family of criminals that provided their services to the most wealthy and powerful noble houses that resided in the webway. With the rise of the pleasure cults the family acted as a supplier of all manner of exotic things to the secluded pocket dimensions many nobles ruled as havens to live out their every whim. When the fall of the Eldar occurred they were safe in the webway, in the port of Commoragh. They were quick to establish themselves as a shadowy organization that ruled the noble houses and later the kabals with many puppet rulers or loyal cousins. Hundreds of family members are infiltrating every kabal in the dark city all the time, the Depravum’s ultimate goal to rule the entire dark eldar race as family members ascend to archons of every kabal united under a single patriarch or matriarch of the Depravum. During the short and unsuccessful reign of Durizael Depravum as patriarch many family operations were put on hold as they consolidated their grip on the Kabal of the Immortal Sin, soon becoming it’s de-facto rulers and using its fortress as family headquarters. Under the new rule of Lethis Depravum the family has renewed its activities, conquering district after district of the dark city; creating a small empire centered around the dark citadel of the Immortal Sin. 

The Kabal of the Immortal Sin are amongst he oldest of the Kabals; able to trace their origins to a mercenary group operating out of a fortress deep in the centre of the dark city. For millennia they have served as a front to the Depravum family, one of which serving as the Kabal Archon. Safe behind the walls of their impenetrable fortress the Kabal of the Immortal Sin very rarely attempt to exert their influence much beyond their immediate surroundings, only in recent years under the reign of self-styled Empress Lethis Depravum have they begun to expand. Previously under the reign of the incompetent Durizael Depravum the Kabal suffered from factional in-fighting and was at it's weakest when Lethis returned from her mysterious absence. Since her return Durizael has remained Archon though the
de facto ruler of the Kabal of Immortal Sin is Lethis.

The Depravum Archons
Maugris, Durizael and Karzein

Archon Durizael Depravum

Lethis’ younger brother who inherited the Kabal of Immortal Sin from his father has none of the leadership qualities of his sister and his position of Archon is at best only a formality with his sister and close cousins running the day to day activities of the Kabal and the family. He does however wield great reserves of untapped power as many of the kabal’s warriors prefer his calculated consistency to Lethis’ violent unpredictability. Durizael is the one responsible for arranging for his Kabal to sponsor the Haemonculi Coven of the Ebon Hand, making a powerful ally in it’s master: Eclipse.

Durizael is gifted with a talent for the arts of torture and pain as well as the study of science and technology. He has learnt a great deal from the haemonculi and perhaps could have had a promising career amongst them were it not for his responsibilities to his family. Spending most of his time in The Pit; Durizael does not venture out on real-space raids very often, only enough to keep him fighting fit, when he does he is accompanied by his Coven-paid Incubi bodyguards and can be found in the thick of the fighting; collecting blood and tissue samples from those he has killed. 

Lord Maugris Depravum

Ruthless, cunning and impeccably polite, Lord Maugris is responsible for overseeing the breeding and training of new generations of Depravum; grouping them into squads of trueborn, sending them to the haemonculi to become scourges or training them as undercover operatives. He demands great respect from the family as he has trained and taught most of them since birth, even Lethis and Durizael received instruction from him. On the battlefield he leads his trueborn on a variety of different missions, testing them in various war zones and teaching them the ways of war. Often he will take command of special or covert operations in order to make sure his students are ready for any situations; whether they serve the family as commanders, operatives or overseers. 

Maugris not only instructs the depravum trueborn and leads them into battle but he also selects their parentage. A master eugenicist he has been the guiding hand of Depravum development, ensuring their genetic purity and superiority to other dark eldar. In fact it is not unheard of him to execute children who show recessive traits, such is his devotion to furthering the Depravum cause. 

Admiral Karzein Depravum 

Master of the Kabal’s huge war fleet, it is Karzein who leads the majority of raids and offensives orchestrated by the Depravum. A second cousin to Lethis and Durizael, Karzein cares not for politics or conquest; only the thrill of combat and matching his prowess against the meanest creatures the galaxy can throw at him. Fighting with nothing but a dagger, he uses a soul trap to absorb his enemies strength before killing them with a well placed stab. 

Cruel and sadistic like any dark eldar, Karzein’s favorite hobbies are trophy hunting  and vivisection which he usually combines by trying to remove the skull of the beast before he has fully killed it. Many thousands of such skulls line the walls of his chambers; proudly displayed with the various weapons and other curiosities he has gathered from all over the galaxy. It is said to walk through Karzein’s museum is like staring at the remains of a dead universe.

Klaivex Garthinax

Grand Master of the Nameless Shrine: an incubi sect who believe in the power that names hold over people and objects. When an initiate enters the shrine they speak their name to the grand master, he then ‘takes’ their name from them declaring them now within his power. The grand master will then send the initiate to a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Upon this remote world known only to the incubi of this shrine; the hopeful will slay their first victim and take their name as a mask to replace the one ‘taken’ by the grand master. Upon a triumphant return they speak their false name to the assembled incubi of the shrine and are accepted into their ranks. 

Only those who know the original name of the current grand master may call upon the services of the Nameless Shrine. Few have this knowledge, one of which is the Master Haemoncli known as Eclipse who has tasked the Nameless Shrine with protecting his investments within the Depravum family and the Kabal of the Immortal Sin; namely Archon Durizael Depravum. 

I love gun lines. You may be able to tell...

This particular hellion deserves special mention as in a kill-team game against the other bloggers he managed to survive against all the odds and perform some last-minute treachery when the rest of my army had failed me. I just need to come up with a good name for him...

I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos. No idea why that has happened, I think I need a new camera. My infantry heavy Kabal does not have a particularly good track record on the battlefield. The main issue is speed, I desperately need some transports to get my men across the battlefield quicker and some more combat troops wouldn't go amiss either. Next up I will post the other part of my Dark Eldar army: the Haemonculi Coven of the Ebon Hand.

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