Monday, 1 July 2013

Menoth - Light Warjacks 1

These two light warjacks are more specialised than my heavy warjack: the Revenger with a mystical arc node and the Repenter with it's flamethrower. In the games I have played so far these two have done little more than flank either side of my Crusader and provide distractions. The Revenger with it's arc node gives Kreoss more flexibility with his spells so I will probably continue to use it in future. The Repenter however has been of little use so far, I may simply be using it wrong but I would sooner replace it with a different warjack with a heavier weapon. 


Next on my list to get is a Choir of Menoth who offer a range of supporting abilities to improve my warjacks. In combination with my Vassal my 'jacks should be able to run rings around my brother's Cygnar 'jacks and completely outclass them in combat. In theory anyway....

I didn't relise it had been a year already that this blog had been operating. In such a short time I have done an awful lot of painting (more than usual thanks to this blog providing me with motivation), built a 1500 points Dark Angels force, started Warmachine and returned to Middle-Earth. I only hope that next year proves to be just as productive!

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