Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Victarian I

The position of Lord-Admiral is wholly dependent upon the favour of the Corsair Captains and it is rare  any house holds the position for more than two generations before being ousted. After Lord-Admiral Raelith Bloodcrest was assassinated the corsairs chose Admiral Helkhan of house Victarian to represent them on the High-Council. House Victarian is a well respected family known for excessive violence and expert seamanship, serving as admirals in the Doomspire fleet they have won the fear and respect of their subordinates making it only a matter of time before their ascendancy.

As a younger family competing against the ancient and powerful Lancarions, the Victarians have to remain ever wary of their rival houses. Whilst House Lancarion maintains their power on the Palace of Loathing and the Lord-Chancellor commands from the Doom Spire itself, the Victarians upon controlling the position of Lord-Admiaral used the vast resources at their disposal to have constructed their own Black Ark. Taking twenty years and the deaths of thousands of slaves the Tower of Hate was built. Rather than being a fortress adapted to life on the seas as the original arks, the Tower of Hate is the deadliest ship in the fleet on account of it's modern, practical engineering. Larger in size than the Palace of Loathing but smaller than the Doom Spire, it was built with naval engagements and amphibious assaults in mind being built to have large decks for broadsides and a streamlined iron hull allowing it to reach greater speeds than a vessel its size should.

Lord-Admiral Helkhan Victarian 
Lord-Admiral Helkhan Victarian is no political mastermind but a brutal commander and hero of his men. In a world as cruel and savage as the life of a corsair it says something of a man who commands the total respect of the most bloodthirsty, back-stabbing and vindictive crew on the high seas. Helkhan is a routinely successful naval officer whose exploits have bought great riches to those who fly under his banner, a well administered ship and no small amount of personal savagery has won him victory after victory and few in the Doom Spire Fleet can claim such popularity with their subordinates.

Sylvara Victarian, Kraken-Caller
Lady Sylvara Victarian, one of Helkhan’s cousins, is the spiritual heart of the family as a priestess of the cruel gods of the sea and destruction. At birth she was offered up to Ellinil as a sacrifice but was instead infected by a sinister and mysterious parasite from the depths and blessed with supernatural powers. She now receives visions and speaks with a voice from the deeps, professing knowledge of secrets from long before the coming of the Old Ones. 

Fleetmaster Ashendar Victarian
Fleetmaster Ashendar Victarian is the youngest of the three Victarian brothers. Fate constantly seems to be trying to kill the fleetmaster; he lost his leg to an accident with a rogue kharibdyss, suffered third degree burns from a backfiring wild-fire weapon and has reportedly been shot by an entire company of shadow warriors. Each time he has clung to life, determined not to die before he has the chance to usurp his brothers. He seems to narrowly avoid death on an almost daily basis and his constitution has become a legendary tale amongst his crew. Some say he was cursed to suffer for eternity by a witch for some long forgotten crime, something he dismisses whenever bought up though his continuous scarring lends some credence to this theory. Bitter, but not broken, he vows that one day he shall be Lord-Admiral and all corsairs shall bow before him.

Victarian House-guard

Been very busy these past few weeks with work so I have barely painted at all. I did however paint a lot over christmas so over the next month or so I will be posting parts of my dark elf army as well as some Hobbit odds and ends.

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