Saturday, 22 February 2014

Menoth - Support Units

To finish off my 15 point Menoth list I have added two support units to empower my warjacks.

The choir of Menoth is an auto-take unit in almost every menoth list. Their hymns grant a variety of benefits to 'jacks in my battlegroup that allow them to take on more powerful warjacks than themselves and win. The Vassal is a great support solo that gives me a lot more flexibility with what my warlocks can do within a given turn. I haven't had a chance to use him yet in a battle but I would like to get another heavy warjack to try fielding him with.

The Choir of Menoth

A Vassal of Menoth

These three different scrolls with their glowing runes represent the three different hymns the choir can sing. The sword for 'Battle', the Menofix for 'Passage' and the eye of Menoth for 'Shielding'.

I realise it has been some time between this post and my previous Menoth stuff, mostly due to the fact I haven't been able to get round to photograph the models. I have also been unable to have many battles with the new stuff as my only opponent has only been wanting to try out his Lizardmen instead. This year I plan on battling more with my Menoth stuff but I also would like to try some other small skirmish games like Infinity and Malifaux which I will shortly be exploring. 

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