Friday, 28 February 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion I

Foremost of the great houses that serve the Doom Spire; House Lancarion is the most powerful family to rise from the ranks of the Blood Legion in centuries. After ousting House Fireblade from the ark, the Lancarions monopolised the position of Lord-General as well as other High and Low Council positions. Possessed of a ruthless drive for power they often go to extraordinary lengths to better the fortunes of their family.

Originally from Chrace; the Lancarions were one of the few families outside Nagarythe who supported Malekith during the elven civil war. Their army was crushed by the loyalists in the opening stages of the war forcing them to flee to Anlec. Here they served several of the great houses as mercenary generals where they had some success fighting against their farmer kinsmen. Upon the sundering and destruction of the outer kingdoms the Lancarions fled north with the dark elves and entered into the servitude of the Doom Spire Fleet.

The Crimson Guard

Blood Legionnaires

Blood Legionnaires

Blood Legionnaires 
Legion Scouts
Lancarion Commanders
My Dark Elves are nearly all done now and I have started to turn my attention to my Vampire Counts who need a fair bit of work doing to them now I have decided to subtly change my theme. I am thinking I want them to have a bit of a Tsarist Russian feel to them, ideas of a Coven Throne with Catherine the Great have been flying round my head for a while. 

The new Imperial Knights however have aroused my interest; I sort-of want one, or maybe three. My Imperium is severely lacking in massive centre-pieces and the new model is gorgeous. Alas, a lack of funds will prevent me from fulfilling this desire for the time being.

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