Saturday, 8 March 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - Lord-Chancellor Dazmir Darkspine

Dazmir Darkspine is ancient even for an elf, it has been claimed he was one of the first elves created by the Old Ones or even a being from before their time bound in flesh. Whatever the truth he has been a servant of Doombringer for thousands of years, loyal and enigmatic he stalks the darker legends of the Doom Spire and haunts its corridors to this day. As a younger elf he fought alongside his lord against the elves of Ulthuan but was blinded by a Loremaster of Hoeth, barely escaping with his life he vowed to bring ruination upon the mages of the high elves. Using his vast resources and scholarly knowledge he constructed a helmet that allows him to see the winds of magic as well as a suit of armour with accompanying weapons through which he can channel raw power. He now has a sinister reputation for the esoteric and forbidden; the screams rising from the Doom Spire enough to chill the heart of even the fiercest of druchii.

One of my favourite models and one of the first Dark Elf heroes I added to my army. The blind sorcerer who gives counsel to the lord of the Doom Spire has been a permanent fixture of the Blood Legion. He uses the old metal Teclis model without any conversion as I felt a suitably sinister paint job and simply being around Dark Elf minis would make him look evil enough. His armour was painted in a dull yellow/gold to make him stand out and the touch of green helps distinguish him from the Victarian and Lancarion characters. I tend to use him as a Supreme Sorcerer in large games when neither the Lord-General or Lord-Admiral are in command, or as just a regular Sorcerer when  I field Doombringer himself. 

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