Friday, 28 March 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion II

Over the course of centuries the Lancarions schemed and stabbed their way from a relatively minor house to one of the great powers of the ark. Setting their sights on a place on the High Council, the Lancarions married into the other great houses before assassinating the heirs of House Fireblade and publicly executing their leaders on fabricated evidence of treason. So impressed was Dreadlord Doombringer that he appointed the head of House Lancarion: Khalzar Lancarion, Lord-General of the Blood Legion; a position he holds to this day. After the black ark Palace of Loathing was gifted to Doombringer by Lady Shadowstalker the Dreadlord chose to award it to House Lancarion for their years of loyal service, something that has greatly disturbed the other houses both Great and Lesser who fear the Lancarions will soon become politically invulnerable.

Lord-General Khalzar Lancarion, the Great Red Lion, is head of House Lancarion. He is the pragmatic and merciless force of personality that drives his family forwards, a fierce opponent who does not rest until his enemies are completely eradicated. Entire houses have been slaughtered man, woman and child to ensure none dare rise against him. As commander of Doombringer's armies he is a master strategist who cares nought for the lives of his men. Any battle he oversees becomes a bloodbath where he is willing to sacrifice anything to secure victory.


His brother Zaantier Lancarion is the ambassador of the Doom Spire and bearer of the Blood Legion's Army Battle Standard. With a silver tongue and dangerous charisma he aids his brother in outmanoeuvring the other great houses in internal politics, vies with his counterparts at the Witch King's court and has won several battles for his lord before a single sword was drawn.

Banner of Doombringer

Arvis Lancarion is Zaantier’s son and childhood friend of his cousin Kardath. Appointed to the Low Council he oversees Lancarion internal affairs; whipping lesser Legion commanders into line and culling the officer corps of any dissidents. He has a particularly vicious religious streak; often offering up unfortunate underlings to the Gods in hope of good fortunes. 

Banner of House Lancarion
Whilst the Blood Legion is characterised with red robes, silver armour and golden helms; I decided to invert the colour-scheme for their commanders - giving them red armour and cloth-of-gold capes. This colour scheme also mimics that of House Lannister from Game of Thrones whose sigil I inverted for the Lancarion crest and who inspired this particular house, much as House Greyjoy helped to inspire House Victarian. I will be posting the other members of House Lancarion and their counterparts in House Victarian in the near future to start rounding up my Dark Elf posts.

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