Saturday, 5 April 2014

Allies for Sisters of Battle - The Faithful of the White Cathedral

With it looking unlikely that Sisters of Battle will be getting an update any time soon I have decided that rather than buying very expensive metal models for them I would convert up some allies for them using spare models I have had lying around. Using some old artwork and background I cobbled together this group of glorified zealots who I felt looked great next to my existing Battle Sisters. 

Bishop Giovanni the Elder
Based on a background character in a piece of art in the old Witch Hunters codex, I found the bishop quite fun to convert up and paint. I will be using him as a scout sentinel with lascannon to provide some extra firepower for my sisters who currently lack much heavy weaponry.

Matriarch Mary, Judge of the Unworthy

Sister Ellenora the Zealot
Using some of the old Sisters of Sigmar models I converted up this Command Squad to use as a Company Command Squad for now but can be used as a Platoon Command Squad should I choose to expand this force.

The Choir of Harmonious Reckoning
A converted Psyker Battle Squad made using a range of different models, I really enjoyed kit-bashing and green-stuffing together this eccentric bunch. I imagine that the Ecclesiarchy sometimes gathers together groups of latent psykers found in their congregations, whips them into line and forces them into battle to show heretic scum the divine wrath of the Emperor. Highly dangerous and probably highly illegal most die in battle or to the gun of an Archdeacon before the Inquisition can do much about them, some more radical inquisitors actually encouraging their use.

The Faithful of the White Cathedral
These are made from basic zealots with just a few purity seals and other imperial bits and bobs added.  They are a cheap and easy reimagining of the Frateris Militia who accompany the Sisters of Battle on crusade. I will be using them as Penal Legion troops for now but I intend to get some more in the future so I can field them as an Infantry Platoon.

On the planet of Hellcaris these are often the dispossessed sons of minor noble houses who could not get a commission in the Imperial Guard regiments, with little to offer their house they are encouraged to devote themselves to the Faith. Crudely garbed and often patched up with dodgy bionics they throw themselves into battle, led by an Archdeacon they are willing to lay down their lives for the Emperor. 

I converted and painted this allied detachment over the course of three days a few weeks ago in an effort to use some unused miniatures to expand my Imperial forces. With the new Astra Militarium coming out soon I will have even more to work on for my Imperials who are slowly expanding to be a combined army as large as my Dark Elves. 

I spent today re-painting some of my Vampire Counts and tested out a new colour scheme for my Dark Eldar. As soon as I have time to take some photographs I will upload them to the blog. With Easter coming up I should have some more free time on my hands so I may have a battle or two with various people and I will also see about having a Dungeons and Dragons session if everyone is about. This all means you should hopefully be getting some newer blog material soon rather than just more and more dark elves. 


  1. Wow those look great.

    Huge fan of Morheim here, so it's nice to see the very nice Sisters of Sigmar models make an appearance.

    The Witch Hunter warband might have some models you can use, too.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I have a few unused Mordheim models lying around I am going to start using for 40k including one or two Witch Hunter ones. It is just a case of deciding how to use them now...

  2. Great little force with some really inspiring conversions! Best thing I've seen in the blogosphere for a while, I especially love the bishop/sentinel, he looks like he's stomped straight out of a John Blanche painting!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I recently bought some 40k art books and decided that my 40k stuff was in dire need of more Blanche-style elements so watch out for similar stuff coming soon.


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