Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Blackwing Part 12 - Castellan Cyrus of the Tower

Castellan Cyrus commands the Black Pinnacle: the Fortress-Monestary of the Blackwing, from here he organises and maintains the chapter as well as leading the local defence forces. Cyrus is a Dark Angel loyalist who fiercely opposes any Inquisitorial meddling in Blackwing affairs, something he has come to blows with Absolom over many times. Spiteful and possessing a long memory, Cyrus waits patiently for the day he can usurp Absolom and begin rooting out Inquisitorial loyalists, making the Blackwing worthy successors of the Dark Angels.

Castellan Cyrus



I wanted to make Cyrus appear very much like the tower he commands, adding a banner to an already stocky and upright model achieved the effect perfectly. Unlike many members of the Blackwing I painted his green armour much as I would paint a Dark Angel's to highlight his loyalty to them as well as adding extra red trim. 

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