Thursday, 6 June 2013

Menoth - High Exemplar Kreoss

My first war caster straight out of the battlebox. High Exemplar Kreoss is a decent all-rounder with a mix of defensive and offensive spells at his disposal with a powerful feat that can easily change the course of a game used correctly. Despite carrying the mighty Spellbreaker I have found him to be a bit squishy and more suited to being a mid-field caster supporting his warjacks rather than fighting with them. 
High Exemplar Kreoss

I really enjoyed painting my Warmachine miniatures, minor stylistic differences to Games Workshop made it an interesting experience. I decided to not deviate too far from the standard colour scheme though shifted the reds to a more orange hue as I couldn't quite get the purple-red to work. I decided to go for a very dirty look for Kreoss' battlegroup as if they had been on campaign for a while, I plan to contrast this with any priests I get in future who will be painted as cleanly as possible to emphasise their higher station as a ruling class.

I intend to expand this army with some warjack support in the form of a Choir and a Vassal of Menoth before adding an infantry unit, which one I still haven't decided. I do know for certain though that my next warcaster after Kreoss shall be High Executioner Servath Reznik whose model and background I particularly like.

I finished painting the whole battle-group after two sessions. I went for a fairly minimalistic approach with as few gold details on the warjacks as possible so that my warcaster stood out. When I add some units and introduce a small amount of black into the colour scheme I should have a bit of a Knights Templar theme going on which should look good.

Above you can see the whole battle group; I will be posting more articles on the warjacks sometime soon, hopefully with a little bit of tactica and perhaps a battle report.

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