Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Blackwing Part 16 - The Deathwing

The last models to paint for my Blackwing were my terminators and the chapter-master of the Blackwing: Lord-Magister Makarios the Dead. I added more green to these to represent that they were originally Dark Angels sent to help form the successor chapter and I added areas of white as they are Deathwing terminators after all. The chapter-master is the only model other than my chaplain to have gold on him. With Chaplain Anselm I purposely dulled the gold and made it less prominent with the reasoning a chaplain would have suitably grand armour but not overly bright. With Makarios however I wanted him to look every inch a member of the Inner Circle, I reasoned that if he is called personally to a battlefield then stealth is probably not a priority and he can be forgiven for such bright attire. 

Lord-Magister Makarios was appointed by Grand Mater Azreal himself to command the Blackwing. Shrewd, secretive and pragmatic he was the perfect choice to work alongside the Hellcarian inquisitors. During the Demecian Campaign he fell in battle against a greater demon of Khorne but was resurrected by a lone battle sister whose convent was fighting alongside the space marines. With renewed vigour he slew the demon and the battle sister was elevated to sainthood becoming the Living Saint Lucrezia the Pariah. He renamed the chapter in her honour, after the black wings she now rides the sky upon. Since his resurrection Makarios has remained in his armour and refuses to remove his helm, rumours claiming only an animated skeleton lies beneath the plates of ceramite. In battle he wields the twin power swords: Sacrifice and Ascension, able to easily swing both swords despite their size. 

On another note: rumors abound that Dark Elves will be coming in October.
My wallet is crying already.

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