Monday, 5 May 2014

Doombringer's Dark Elves - House Lancarion III - The Crimson Fury

Kardath Lancarion is the Champion of the Doom Spire, the Crimson Knight and heir to House Lancarion. Astride his red-gold dragon Fearfang; Kardath flies forth to destroy the enemies of Doombringer wherever they may be found. Known as 'The Crimson Fury' he has gained a fearsome reputation for his grisly executions  of High Elven nobles and ever seeks to add more heads to his collection.

Drawing some inspiration from the lords and heroes of earlier editions I decided to give Kardath two back-banners proclaiming his loyalty to his family and his master.

Standard of House Lancarion

Standard of Dreadlord Doombringer
Not much to talk about this week as I have been very busy with little time to devote to the hobby. The new Wood Elves though I think deserve a mention as the new kits look stunning. I am however concerned that a core infantry kit costs £22.50, whilst the Eternal Guard are nice models for similarly equipped core infantry in other armies you are looking at £20 or less. This is looking a lot like a stealth price creep which is never good. 

The Blood Legion

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