Sunday, 11 May 2014

Army Showcase - Part 14 - The Temple of Khaine

The new Khainite troops for the Dark Elves are absolutely beautiful miniatures and if this was my only army I would buy lots, lots more of them. Forming the third main part of my Dark Elf army the Temple of Khaine will provide specialist reinforcements for Houses Lancarion and Victarian as well as spiritual support and additional awesome aesthetics. I have not yet had a chance to use any of the new models on the battlefield but I hope they will make their vicious presence felt. 

Witch Elves
As I have mentioned in a previous blog post the Witch Elves are fantastic models but cost a ridiculous amount. This part of my Dark Elf army was very, very expensive; even when buying off of the internet at discounted prices. 

The Executioners are some of my favourite models of the new range. I loved their old models but cost-wise they were a bit inefficient, especially after they became finecast. I painted them an a fairly standard colour scheme as I felt it fit well with the rest  of my army but added some pale turquoise to their helmets to make the skulls contrast and stand out.

Sisters of Slaughter
Using old female Dark Eldar bodies and the spare parts from the Witch Elf set I have converted up a unit of Sisters of Slaughter. Whilst I doubt they will get much use as there is a lot of competition in the Rare slot, I did like their gimmicks and decided my army would look quite good with a unit of them.

Death Hag Amundena Black-Knife
A representative of the Temple of Khaine sits upon the High Council of the Doomspire appointed by the Grand Temple at Har Ganeth. The Temple maintains a presence on every black ark and the one situated on the Doom Spire acts as the spiritual heart of the entire fleet. Allowed far greater autonomy than the other High Councillors the Death Hag may do as she pleases and can choose to ignore any request for military aid.  It is however rare a request from the Dreadlord or his senior commanders goes unanswered or unfulfilled, the relatively young Death Hag Amundena is far more concerned with pleasing her god than partaking in the politics that consumes the rest of the Fleet. 

The Cauldron of Blood was one of the most fun kits I have painted in a long time. Watching the wide range of different components come together was an absolute delight to paint and behold. By far my favourite part was the statue of Khaine on which I spent a long time experimenting with lots of different metallic paints to create the desired effect. I am very happy with the finished cauldron and I think it makes a fantastic centrepiece for an army. 

So it looks like we will be getting a new edition of 40k, as someone who hadn't even fully gotten the hang of 6th edition I really hope too much hasn't changed though rumours are suggesting a significant shake-up. I don't play 40k very often and I have just bought a ps4 with my brother so I doubt I will be getting hold of the new rulebook anytime soon. Unbound armies do sound interesting though, a good way for GW to increase sales and to make some imaginative armies, but I foresee some truly broken  lists being born and the tournament scene going mental.

Recently I have lost steam with my Vampire Counts, my lack of funds partially to blame. Instead I have mostly been focusing on repainting my Dark Eldar whose new paint scheme has been quite fun to work on. Hopefully sometime over the next week or so I will have chance to photograph them and put them on the blog alongside some new background as well as my thoughts on future projects.

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