Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Army Showcase - Part 15 - House Lancarion

House Lancarion leads the Blood Legion
Ruthless and ambitious, the scions of House Lancarion command the Blood Legion from their Black Ark: the Palace of Loathing. A noble family from Chrace, they were forced from their homelands during the sundering for siding with Malekith. Becoming mercenary generals they eventually became the greatest of the noble houses serving Dreadlord Doombringer as front-line generals of his armies.

You can learn more about House Lancarion and see pictures of their forces in these blog posts which I recommend you read before continuing with this one: Part 1Part II and Part III

The Blood Legion

Lady Lilith Lancarion the Soul-Stealer
Khalzar's only daughter, she displayed sorcerous talent from a young age and was tutored in the dark arts by the Supreme Sorceress of the Doomspire: Lady Morwen Shadeheart. Possessing golden hair that betrays her Chracian heritage, she is the embodiment of Ulthuan beauty. But whilst she may look a High Elf maiden she is as cold and cruel as any Dark Elf; vindictive and spiteful she is a jealous woman intent on killing all those she deems rivals so only her majesty remains.

Order of the Tyrant Ascendent
An ancient order of knights that can trace their history to the great war agains the daemons where they fought as bodyguards to Doombringer himself. Over the years they have evolved from foot knights to heavy cavalry to cold one knights and serve as the Dreadlord's most trusted servants. Whilst no longer his bodyguards they do enjoy many luxuries as befitting their status as Doombringer's chief enforcers and can usually be found representing their lord on the battlefield. As well as being elite cavalry they are trusted with watching the commanders of the Blood Legion for signs of treachery and incompetence, knights of the order take this duty very seriously and have performed more than one field-execution on upstart or unlucky Lord-Generals.

Kardath Lancarion - The Red Fury

The Lancarions in one form or another have been a mainstay of my Dark Elves from the beginning. Whilst these characters may have not always borne the name Lancarion they have always been at the forefront of my armies. In fact Lady Lilith Lancarion was my first fantasy model given to me by a mentor and a friend many, many years ago now. A Wood Elf Spellsinger I was using as a High Elf Mage for Mordheim has now come round to Dark Elf sorceress and all I ever seemed to change was the colour scheme!

Now that I have posted the Temple of Khaine and House Lancarion elements of my army I will be posting my House Victarian force shortly before doing a massive post showing off Doombringer himself and my Dark Elf army as a whole. It will not be long now until I have finished posting all of my current projects in their entirety after which you can expect far, far more WIP pictures and ramblings regarding my week-to-week hobby work. 

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The Lord-General and his men

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