Saturday, 8 November 2014

Game of Thrones - Salladhar Saan's Lysene Pirates

The second part of my Dragonstone force is a small group of Lysene pirates hired by Ser Davos to pad out Stannis's army and led by an old friend of the onion knight: Salladhar Saan himself. Apologies for only a short post today but I will make up for it next week.

Salladhar Saan
Made from a spare Khandish charioteer I had randomly in my bits box, I added two cutlasses and a quiver to make the pirate captain himself. By using a slightly different model to the Haradrim pirates for Salladhar he is kept distinct but the colour scheme ties them all together. Based on the colours he wears on the show the pirates wear a neutral brown with a slash of royal blue to tie the war band together and a yellow of similar shade to the shields of the Dragonstone men which ties the whole force together

The Haradrim I used for the pirates only needed a few small fixes from where spears had become broken over the years and were perfect to use as foreigners to Westeros without looking too out of place. They also add a bit of range to a force that is otherwise lacking in it. In fact it would have been nice if I could have managed to scrounge up some more archers but unfortunately there were no others left in my bits box.

Here once again we have the two war bands together which I think makes them the most numerous of the factions so far. To finish off the groups of models I have painted for Game of Thrones I have taken a few group pictures which I will put on the blog in an upcoming post. If you have enjoyed these Game of Thrones conversions like, comment, share, follow, etc. to see more from the Eyes of the Snake.

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