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Army Update - Hellcarian Black Guard

With the release of the new Astra Militarum Codex I decided it was time for my Imperial Guard to get some attention. The last time they were on the blog they looked like this: The Hellcaris 1st Legion. They have since had a slight injection of colour to make them look more interesting, a few small additions and some models such as my Veterans who have had their look updated with new bits I have picked up. Other than that it is essentially the same force but this time I have chosen to write some background to accompany them. 

The Hellcarian Black Guard

Hellcarian Guardsmen in the livery of the Lord Hellcarian
One hundred years ago Hellcaris was a feudal world of knights and lords ruled over by a dynasty of bloodthirsty Kings who often warred with barbarians on the great plains or with unruly vassals who would rise from time to time to challenge their rule. This world had for millennia been missed by the Imperium on the fringes of the galaxy until it was discovered as a footnote of Explorator-Magos Alricax's journal by the man who would later call himself the Inquisitor Lord Hellcarian. Alricax had discovered the world during the Age of Apostacy but had failed to report its existence to the proper branch of the Administratum causing Hellcaris to be left alone by the Imperium for thousands of years. The young Inquisitor visited the planet briefly incognito to assess its worth before returning  a year later ahead an Ecclesiarchal battle-fleet demanding the planets surrender. 

Naming himself Lord Hellcarian, the Inquisitor tore down the feudal system and built a huge Inquisitorial stronghold on the planet from which his new Hellcarian High Conclave could conduct their business. Within the hundred years that followed rapid mechanisation and indoctrination has made Hellcaris a true world of the Imperium. Defending it is the Hellcarian Black Guard: an Imperial Guard regiment raised by Inqusitorial command to serve as their foot-soldiers. Drawn from the population of Hellcaris and armed by the factories that litter its surface; the men of the Black Guard are fanatically loyal to the Hellcarian High Conclave for the wonders of religion and technology they have brought to the planet as well as the end of the harsh feudalism of Old Hellcaris. They now stride into battle waring the colours of the Inquisitor Lord Hellcarian, ready to die for the Emperor's Inquisition.

Lord-General Frederick Metzger the Great
Rejecting the feudal nepotism of Old Hellcaris, the Imperial Guard regiments raised by the Inquisition were designed as a meritocracy with only those most capable rising through the ranks. After several years one man emerged with the potential and capability to lead: a former peasant boy and son of a butcher whose talent for command was unequalled amongst his peers. Over a hundred years old now and risen from lowly origins to Lord-General of all Hellcaris: Frederick Metzger has earned in blood and battle the accolade of 'the Great' from his men. Astride a great Hellcarian Wolf he presents a striking image of what all Hellcarians under the Inquisition can aspire to and ultimately become.

Hellcarian Executioners
During the time of Old Hellcaris; the King kept an order of elite warriors drawn from the veterans of his armies who were tasked with silencing his political opponents in a variety of gory and public killings. Part secret-police and part state-executioners these men were feared across Hellcaris for their brutality which ensured the security of the monarchy. When the Inquisition came to the planet ordering the immediate surrender of its King, the Executioners swiftly saw that their feudal world was no match for the star-faring Imperium and the day after presented the Inquisitors with the heads of the King and his court. For their services to the Imperium; the Inquisition allowed the Executioners to continue to exist as veterans of the newly raised Imperial Guard regiments as well as rewarding them with various honours as befits loyal servants of the Emperor.

Scions of the House of Skulls
Scions from the House of Skulls are the sons of Old Hellcaris: descendants of the now extinct noble families that used to rule the planet. As atonement for the crimes of their families the male heirs of the fallen nobility were handed over to the recently established Hellcarian branch of the Schola Progenium where they were trained to serve the Inquisition as best befitting their talents. As one would expect from a planet previously known for its knights, most became Stormtroopers and became known as the Scions of the House of Skulls; named for the dead houses they descend from.

Lord Commissar Alexis von Zeitenberg in combat with Prince Yriel
Last but not least is my Lord Commissar whom you can see here locked in combat with the foul Xenos enemy. You will be able to see him and this army in action in a battle report that The Euphemism is currently writing and should be on the blog in a few weeks time when he returns from his holidays.

This army currently stands at around 1500 points if all available options are taken which is far from optimal at this points level. In battle against the Eldar I lost a significant number of men to template weapons which ultimately crippled my chances of victory. I have thus decided that I need more men! When I have the chance I am going to add a hell of a lot of conscripts in order to flood the board with expendable bodies. I was thinking of converting some of the Goblins from 'The Hobbit' range to represent the barbarian abhumans of the Hellcarian plains pressed into service in the Black Guard as meat shields for the pure-blood humans. I would also like to add some Ogryns or Bullgryns at some point as well but I am yet to think up of any good background behind them. With other projects pressing however we shall have to wait and see if these plans come to anything.

Regarding upcoming projects you can probably guess what mine are if you click on 'The Parade Grounds' at the top where I have a list of all my current armies and WIP projects. More details on those will be coming soon.

Doombringer out.

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