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Inquisitor Harrison Venner V

Prepare yourselves for a short history lesson as I introduce you to the first of my three Hellcarian Inquisitors: Inquisitor Harrison Venner V who comes from a long line of zealous sycophants who have served as lapdogs to far more powerful Inquisitors. After studying 17th century England for the past two years I took some inspiration from some obscure figures that I thought were interesting and converted up a small war band to fight alongside my Imperial armies.

Inquisitor Harrison Venner V has a name riddled with obscure mid-17th century references. The V is a reference to a religious sect that sprung up from the chaos of the English Civil Wars - the Fifth Monarchists who took their name from a prophecy in the Book of Daniel. They believed that the world would soon see the return of Christ who would rule with his saints for a thousand years before judgement day. This would be the Fifth Kingdom, the previous four being Babylonia, Persia, Macedonia and Rome. They sought to prepare world for Christ's arrival which they believed would be imminent, placing special importance on the year 1666. This did not happen and after the failure of the English Republic and the Restoration of Monarchy in 1660 they were driven underground never to fully resurface.

Major-General Thomas Harrison was the leader of the Fifth-Monarchists during the Interregnum years (1649-1660) after the death of King Charles I and the establishment of the brief English Republic. He had fought for Parliament during the English Civil Wars and was one of the men who signed the death warrant of the defeated King. He urged Oliver Cromwell to create a 'Parliament of Saints' to rule England and make it a godly country; this would be called the Nominated Assembly and failed after only a few months as many moderates were frightened by the perceived radicalism of the assembly. He then fell out with Cromwell over political differences and didn't resurface again until 1660 when King Charles II had him executed as a regicide.

Major-General Thomas Harrison
Thomas Venner was a Fifth Monarchist who led a failed uprising against Charles II in 1661. Venner's Rising, despite only consisting of about 50 men, lasted four days and took significant manpower to put down. Venner and his men wanted to overthrow the government, institute a rule of saints and take revenge for Harrisons execution. They were eventually defeated and sentenced to execution by being hanged, drawn and quartered. Thus the Fifth Monarchists faded into obscurity.

Thomas Venner

Inquisitor Harrison Venner is an Istvaanian,  believing that the Imperium is strengthened with every conflict. He travels from system to system instigating conflicts and warring agains the enemies of the Imperium on the front lines. Whilst his methods are often seen as darwinian and radical he is a puritan at heart and believes that the 41st millennium will see the triumph of mankind culminating in the return of the Emperor. A potent fighter and orator he has joined the Hellcarian Inquisitorial High Conclave as a frontline commander of the Lord Hellcarian's troops. Inquisitor Venner has particularly close ties with the Blackwing Brotherhood whose warmongering fanaticism rivals his own.

Inquisitor Harrison Venner V
To play up his border-line radical philosophy as an Istvaanian I painted him in colours that echo the Sons of Horus during the Heresy. This also makes him stand out from my main armies whilst the red still ties him in. He has no particular affiliation except with the Hellcarian High Conclave so can be used as any kind of Inquisitor I wish in game, probably being used as an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor more often than not.

The Man of Blood, a penitent psyker that I will use the Daemonhost rules for. After the Windsor Prayer Meeting in 1648 the New Model Army used the biblical term 'That Man of Blood' to describe King Charles, stating that he was the cause of all the bloodshed and destruction of the civil war and that only his death could end the suffering. This heretic was responsible for the death of thousands after opening a daemonic portal on Lehron II but was later subdued by Inquisitor Harrison, bound and tortured. He is now used as a psychic lightning rod, protecting Venner from enemy psykers. The fact that he keeps such company is disturbing to many of the other Inquisitors of the Conclave and it is rumoured the Lord Hellcarian is soon to discipline him on this matter.

The Man of Blood

Vavasor the Seer, named after 17th century Welsh puritan preacher Vavasor Powell. This mystic is often seen travelling with Inquisitor Harrison whispering counsel in his ear; reading for him the Emperor's Tarot with unnerving skill and accuracy. That he is accompanied by a man so adept in the reading of the Tarot Inquisitor Harrison takes to be a providential sign of the righteousness of his cause.
Vavasor the Seer

Sergeant Wolfgang, the only member of this war band not historically inspired, was an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper active during the Lehron campaign which saw his unit overrun and destroyed. The Imperial Administration had marked him as dead but he returned to base two month later having fought his way through traitor ranks to complete his objective alone before facing a long trek to friendly lines. A ghost in the system he was soon picked up by the Inquisitor Lord Hellcarian and assigned to watch over Inquisitor Harrison.

Sergeant Wolfgang

I had a lot of fun building this war band and coming up with some background for them. Whilst this post is probably somewhat dense with history I thought it would be something different to have on the blog.

I would also like to take the opportunity to point out that I have added a lot of new content to the blog through links on the pages at the top. For example you can visit the homepage of my current Dark Eldar project by finding them in the Parade Grounds and clicking on their name. This will take you to a page with links to related posts as well as additional background material and pictures that will be constantly updated. Enjoy exploring the blog as I add more and more content in the following weeks. As ever comment, follow, share, etc. to see the latest from 'The Eyes of the Snake'.

Doombringer out.

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