Sunday, 7 September 2014

Game of Thrones - Brotherhood Without Banners

The Brotherhood Without Banners makes a nice neutral war band to add to my growing collection of converted 'Game of Thrones' miniatures. After this I have several other mini-projects set in Westeros that I have planned and which you can no doubt guess from looking at the 'A Game Of Thrones' page on the bar near the top.

Thoros of Myr

Leading this war band is Thoros of Myr converted from an old Boromir model. With his sword aflame with Wildfire and his deep crimson robes setting him apart from his companions. I tried a little bit of OSL on his sword which I think has worked quite well despite it being just a bit of light dry-brushing.

As in the TV show Thoros is accompanied by Anguy the Archer; the only other metal model in the war band made from an old Dunadain ranger.

The rest of the brotherhood was made from plastic Ranger of Middle-Earth with only a few minor conversions. Amongst them you will be able to see a figure with a yellowish cape, such a character appears in a few Brotherhood background shots during Season 3 as homage to Lem Lemoncloak who was not written properly into the show but was a character in the books. As he was a character I didn't particularly like in the books I didn't make him a full hero like Thoros and Anguy but like in the TV series I kept that small homage to him. Unfortunately I didn't have the right bits to make a similar reference to Tom o' Sevenstrings the Brotherhood bard whose singing role was taken by Thoros in the show.

Whilst less varied than my other war bands each model has a bow and hand weapon with some carrying spears as well making them heavily focused on ranged combat as well as being decent in combat but other than Thoros lacking much armour in comparison to their Lannister and Tully enemies. I have finally finished converting my Lannisters and begun painting them as well as working on some Dragonstone war bands which should be appearing on the blog sometime soon.

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