Saturday, 12 July 2014

Game of Thrones - House Tully

Several years ago I heard that HBO was making a new series based on the best-selling fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Deciding I could do with something fresh after re-reading the Lord of the Rings for the fifth/sixth? time I sat down and read the first book over the course of two days and was instantly hooked. I finished the rest of the books over the next few weeks and turned in anticipation to HBO's adaptation. I was not let down and I would very much recommend both the books and the TV series to anyone who enjoys darker, grittier fantasy.

Having just gotten hold of the Season 3 boxed set I decided to have a three-season marathon. About two thirds of the way through as I watched Robb Stark moving little wolves, lions, krakens and flayed men around on a map discussing war an idea hit me. I have got all sorts of old Lord of the Rings  models just laying around that would be perfect for using in a small-scale skirmish game. Digging through my infamously large, bizarre and poorly organised bitz boxes, I soon found what I was looking for...

Looking at the half-assembled models a plan began to form in my mind and I soon decided to divide up the models to form the principle combatants of the war in the Riverlands starting with the lords of the Riverlands: House Tully. I decided to use some warriors of Rohan as the basis of these troops as many of them sported scale mail which I felt fit the fish theme. With only minimal conversion work needed on some shields that had horse designs, these were the first models I decided to paint.

A fairly simple paint scheme displaying the heraldry of Riverrun. The Rohirrim were perfect for this level of fantasy being suitably medieval and without any excesses. I am really happy with how they turned out covered in muck and blood; their silver scales succumbing to the rigours of war. I managed to make the war band fairly balanced with a mix of different weapons; perfect for a small scouting group.

To lead this war band I chose the most badass of all the Tullys: Ser Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully. One of my favourite characters in the books and brilliantly portrayed by Clive Russell in Season 3. As leader of Robb Stark's scouts he was the logical choice to lead this band in the name of the King in the North. 

I thought his cloak showing his personal sigil of the Blackfish looked good as the two-colour cape makes him stand out when he is amongst his men and provided a nice embellishment in contrast with his dark armour.

Next up I have a Lannister war band lead by Ser Addam Marbrand; the leader of Tywin Lannister's outriders and I will also be doing some members of the Brotherhood Without Banners led by Thoros of Myr. This has been a fun little side project to work on whilst my main armies are all winding down to completion. Over the next few weeks on the blog expect some more Dark Eldar, a few random things and hopefully I will be getting together with The Euphemism to have a few battles to blog about. Also expect the pages at the top to start getting some content as I find the time to work on them. Until then comment, share, follow, etc to see more.

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