Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Reviving My Dark Eldar - Lord Maugris Depravum

"I said this would be the triumph of our family. That I would see generations of our Trueborn rule the stars as hungry gods. I was wrong, and now you forsake the future dreamt of by your ancestors for vengeance born of a mental fever. I will follow you 'Skin-Lord' but only whilst your blood is that of my kinsman and family."

Lord Maugris Depravum was master of the Depravum Trueborn; carefully selecting those suitable to breed and raising each to be a cold-blooded instrument of death for the family. He supported Lethis is her dreams of galactic domination and held her in far higher esteem than her brother Durizael. After the disaster of Lehron IV and the death of Lethis, Maugris followed Durizael into exile as he was the last heir of the line of the Lord-Patriarch Venimthrax Depravum. He disapproves of the new direction the self-proclaimed 'Skin-Lord' has taken; even stubbornly refusing to change out of the traditional green and purple heraldry of the Depravum family. For now he will serve his rightful master until such a time as he is able to breed a new generation of the Depravum family more worthy of his service. 

A short post this time as I am hard at work creating a range of posts for over the summer: including several battle reports between myself and The Euphemism. As I am going off to University in September I am beginning to finish off all of my various projects and prepare pre-written posts to put on the blog over the next few months as I will probably be too busy to write one every week. Expect a lot of pictures and quite a variety of different bits-and-bobs as I tie up all of my loose-ends. I will leave you now with a brief teaser picture for the first battle The Euphemism and I had recently, the battle-report for which should be done soon.

Doombringer out.

Vampire Counts vs High Elves

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