Sunday, 23 September 2012

Vassal Shenanigans

Well as you know from my previous post, we've all gone our different ways and off to university so we have been contemplating attempting to embark on a great crusade of trying to conquer the complexities of Vassal. The journey will be long and arduous but me must prevail! So there may be some battle reports on here soon from the Vassal engine.

For those of you that don't know what Vassal is, it is an engine that allows people to play board, card and tabletop games on your computer ( and I'll be using the Vassal40k module for it ( So far I've managed to create and save 2 Deldar armies on there so it’s going well enough so far! Just need to get some games in now to get the hang of using it. Now Euphemism and Marshy just need to get their act together and get downloading!

Might see you all on there! My name on there is still Assorted Melons so if you see me, holler! 

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