Sunday, 7 October 2012

Doombringer's Harlequinade Part 1

One of my many side projects going off at the moment, I thought I would share this with you until I have painted more Space Marines. With everyone ever so busy, myself included, I have decided to help keep the blog going by posting some WIP projects and various odds and ends I have floating around.

In this somewhat irregular series I will be showing off my Harlequins which are going to based on various Batman villains and affectionately named: The Arkham Inmates. First up is Scarecrow; my Shadowseer, whose appearance is based mostly from the comics but with some inspiration from the Arkham Asylum video game.

Prepare yourself for some amateur photography....

   This was a fairly easy conversion: a simple arm swap, file away eldar details and greenstuff him up a cape, hat and scythe. As with all things I paint I went for a dark and quite grungy scheme, focusing on muted browns and dull rusty metals with orange as the spot colour. I based him the same as my Dark Eldar though my basing is very basic and leaves much room for improvement. I am not the best painter and this project is intended to help me explore different styles and techniques to hopefully get better.

Doing this blog should also help me improve my miniature photography, as you can see there is much left to be desired and my set up could be considered a fire hazard. Before I take many more photos I will have to read some articles on the subject.

Next time (which will be whenever I get a spare few minutes) I will be showing you my Death Jester, inspired by the Penguin from the 60's Adam West show but made suitably Grimdark for the 41st millennium.

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