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The Blackwing Part 1 - Background

With the dawn of a new edition I have decided to start a new army to serve as allies for my Imperial Guard. Due to the amount of random Space Marines I have seem to have collected over the years and the release of Dark Vengeance; I have decided to do a Dark Angels themed army. This will probably be the last major project I start work on for a long while (really ought to stop kidding myself) so most of my posts will be on this for the next few months. Barely anything has been painted yet so I will add some background to the blog for now.

The Brotherhood of the Blackwing Angel

  • Founding Chapter: Dark Angels
  • Homeworld: Infernia, Hellcaris System
  • Fortress Monastery: The Black Pinnacle
  • Speciality: Special Operations
  • Strength: 300 Battle Brothers 
  • Battle Cry: The White Dawn Rises

Formed on special request by the Hellcarian Inquisitorial High Conclave, the Brotherhood of the Blackwing Angel is one of the three military wings commanded by this branch of the Ordo Hereticus. Known often as simply 'The Blackwing', they are employed as a far subtler option than the Imperial Guard Legions or Sisters of Battle usually fielded by the Inquisition. Their role is to remove potential threats with extreme prejudice before a situation develops, and to act as a threat against any faction that dare question the Lord Inquisitor's power. 

Several chapters were asked to provide the gene-seed for the formation of the chapter but none were willing to comply with the full terms laid down by the Hellcarian envoy. However the Dark Angels, despite not having been contacted, offered their full support behind the project with the only stipulation that they trained the first hundred marines on the Rock and they chose the Chapter Master from the ranks of the Deathwing. Despite being wary of the offer the Conclave accepted; mostly out of curiosity as to why a chapter with a somewhat shaky relationship with the Inquisition would make such a deal.

The chapter was originally named the Brotherhood of the Eye and deployed alongside Sisters of Battle in the Demecian Campaign. Chapter Master Makarios fell in battle but was resurrected by a lone Battle Sister Medic who was proclaimed a Living Saint for such a miracle. Makarios renamed the chapter the Brotherhood of the Blackwing Angel in her honour.

The Blackwing only numbers around 300 marines, 100 of which were originally trained on the Rock. The others were taken from amongst young recruits in the local Imperial Guard regiments. It will take some time before the chapter is at full strength and for now the Inquisition monitors its development very carefully, placing their creatures at the top levels of chapter command.

Chapter Leadership

  • Lord-Magister Makarios 'the Dead' - Chapter master of the Blackwing, Shield of Hellcaris, Warden of the White Sun and Knight of the Inner Circle. The pragmatic and secretive commander of the Blackwing; known as 'the Dead' after his resurrection at the hands of Saint Helena the Healer. 
  • Brother-Captain Absolom the Mountain - The second-in-command of the Blackwing. A former guardsman whose military prowess and talent for violence made him the Inquisition's top enforcer. A large man beforehand; with gene-implants he towers over regular space marines and even some terminators, earning him the name of The Mountain.
  • Castellan Cyrus of the Tower - Organises and maintains the chapter from the Black Pinnacle. Rivals with Absolom for power, whom he sees as little more than the Inquisitions lap dog. Secretly despises Inquisitorial influence over the chapter and is loyal only to Lord-Magister Makarios and the Dark Angels themselves. 
  • Lord Arafel the Black - Chief and only Librarian of the Blackwing, Arafel represents the chapter on the Hellcarian Inquisitorial High-Council. His responsibilities are the same as any other Librarian but in the absence of other key members of high command such as a Chief-Apothacary he fills their roles as best he can being adept in many fields and a quick learner. Arafel has thus far remained aloof from the petty squabbles between Cyrus and Absolom, content with his studies into the greater psychic arts. 
  • Chaplain Anselm of the Rock - A former Interrogator-Chaplian, Anselm is now responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the chapter. He has become a good friend to the Order of Revelation, the Battle-Priests attached to the Sisters of Battle stationed in the system, and to several senior inquisitors of the Hellcarian Conclave. Little do they know that he has been secretly transferring high-security prisoners of interest to the Dark Angels to the Rock for interrogation. 

There we go. This is the preliminary background for my chapter and for some of my characters. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have some time to paint and actually show you some of my work. Until then Doombringer out.

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