Friday, 19 October 2012

The one-eyed halfling

Yeah, my halfling captain lost one of his eyes.

He got mugged by beastmen.

His vengeance will be fearsome.

I'm aiming for this.
So Mordheim's going alright. The rest of my warband did alright. The only problem is bows really aren't that reliable in dropping things. I either need a better back up plan for when the fighty stuff gets to me or I need to invest gold crowns in something to help me there. Maybe an ogre....

On to the interesting stuff. I am now on Vassal also and will likely be using this fairly often now I've figured out how it works (Dear the guy who challenged me yesterday, if we cross paths again you're on). My name is, naturally, The Euphemism. If you see me on at any point give me a shout (or slap me in the face with a glove if you want to go that way) and I'm up for a game.

Just a short post this week, I have some stuff set up for the coming days so hopefully there'll be something more substantial for you next time.

Until then, adieu.

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