Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Returns, promises and hairy feet

missing out the ever important 'Die Hard'

Yes folks, it's me again.

It's been about 3 weeks since I last posted on this blog. How time flies eh? Well as Melons mentioned in his post a while ago we've both headed our ways to Uni and so workload has shifted up somewhat from that beautiful grace period you get after exams (2-3 months sleeping works wonders for...well most things).

Now it's being laboured that 'we'll have no time to post here' so I'm here to pledge to you, the public, that I will post once every fortnight, or every week if I'm good (and on top of my reading, I could rival Everest with the reading I have to do).

That being said, here's how things will stand for the coming weeks (on my end of the stick):

There is a gaming club down here so there is hope! It will however be once a week and then I don't know how many games I'll get in with the warhammer so reports may or may not occur.

They are, however, running a Mordheim campaign which I'm very interested in, being a fantasy man, so I'm going into that. I will be taking (and here's the explanation for the title) halflings! Yep. Gotta love 'em. So the Cockerel Knights will be toddling off to battle (cunningly disguised as Reiklander Mercenaries) and hopefully bringing some pint-sized retribution to those villains. This is likely to be something more regular than my actual battles so for a while this may be my main focus. I'm not playing it competitively (I don't think many people are so we shouldn't have to worry too much about the imbalances coming up).

And that's about it down here. I'll post once a week (and a half-ish) as I promised so keep rolling sixes guys!

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