Friday, 7 September 2012

FAQ silliness - who frequently asks these questions?

The shiny new FAQs have hit- this is by no means a comprehensive tactical review (I shall leave that to more rational men), but I have picked out some of the more ridiculous clarifications for your amusement.

Designers Note: Wolf Guard, Nobz, Nobz Warbikers, and Crisis
Shas’vre that lead a unit (for example an Ork Nob leading Ork
Boyz, a Wolf Guard leading Grey Hunters) have the unit type
Infantry (Character).
Units of Nobz have now fallen out with one another and so refuse to politely step in front of enemy bullets for their half-wit mate Zog who forgot to duck. No more wound allocation shenanigans. Ouch.

Q: Does a weapon that hits automatically, still hit automatically when
making a Snap Shot ? (p13)
A: Yes.
But only weapons that are capable of making a snap shot roll are capable of shooting at a flier. So you cannot possibly hit a flier with an auto-hit weapon like a zzap gun. Which is a pity, it would have been fun to have a reason to actually use one for a change.

Q: Do hits by Tau markerlights, or other items of wargear that cause
hits but do not inflict damage, require a  swooping monstrous creature
to take a grounded test? . (p49)
A: Yes
I want to take a minute’s break here for you to imagine what this would actually look like – our intrepid fire warrior fires his markerlight at the monstrous tyranid harpy’s face(the equivalent of bouncing light off your watch into a classmate’s eyes). The harpy then shields its face with its wings, forgetting momentarily that it actually needs to carry on flying, and so plummets to the earth. Surely by this logic the imperial lasgun (also a flashlight) should be the best anti-FMC in the guard codex.

Page 53 – Commander Dante, The Axe Mortalis.
Replace the entry with the “The Axe Mortalis is a power axe
with the Master-crafted special rule.”
I actually can’t believe the amount of confusion I’ve seen about this rule before. The AXE Mortalis is an axe. Moving on...
Page 43 – Master Belial, The Sword of Silence.
Replace the entry with the following: “The Sword of Silence is a
power sword with the Master-crafted special rule.”
See above, replacing ‘axe’ with ‘sword’.

Q: Can a Helliarch’s stun claw be used to ‘snatch’ enemy Independent
Characters who are involved in a challenge? (p28)
A: No.
A pity, that would have been funny- “Hesperax, I challenge you to single comWAAAAAAAAA”

Q: Can an allied Independent Character benefit from Imperial Guard
Orders if they have joined an Imperial Guard Squad that successfully
receives an order? (p29)
A: No.
Space marine commanders don’t have to listen to none of yo shit.

Small correction here:
Page 81 – Necron Wargear, Hyperphase Sword.
Replace the second paragraph with “A hyperphase sword is a
power sword.” WITH A COOL NAME.

Q: Do units hit by lightning as a result of Imotekh’s Lord of the Storm
special rule benefit from the Stealth or Shrouded special rules due to
Night Fighting? (p55).
A: No.
You do realise that this is asking if the clouds protect you from the lightning don’t you?

Q: Can a bomb squig target a Zooming Flyer if it’s the nearest vehicle?
A: No.
Would have been a bloody impressive jump.  Or I suppose the nob could have thrown it.

Q: Can a Shield of Faith be removed by a Vindicare Assassin’s
shieldbreaker rounds? (p94)
A: No.

Q: Is the Stormtalon Gunship available to any armies other than those
chosen from Codex: Space Marines?
A: No.
“We asked the you Blood Angels nicely to tell us how to make our tanks go faster. You refused. Now we’re taking our toys and going home.”
“We didn’t want your toy anyway. It looks like a toaster and we have a bigger one.”
“You’re being mean. I’m telling Marneus on you.”

Q: If a Space Wolf character is involved in a challenge, can any
Fenrisian Wolves they have strike blows, have Wounds allocated to
them, or offer Moral Support? (p31)
A: No.
They can bark merrily. That’s pretty much it.

And on that note I shall leave you until I next poke my head out from my metaphorical cave. Ta ra.

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