Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Razorwing Jetfighter/Voidraven Bomber Conversion

 With 6th ed making flyers just that much better I thought about buying one but then I saw the price -sigh-. So instead i decided to make my own! I was heading into town anyway to see how cheap glue was (Hooray for Pound Shops!) and while I was there I had a look in the toy section to see if they had any toy bikes that I might be able to convert into Venoms or Jetbikes but instead I found that they sold toy F1 racing cars for a pound each and thus the idea was formed! Also even if it didnt work then I wouldnt have wasted alot of money. So there we have it. F1 racing cars with bits chopped off and plasicard for spiky bits stuck on turned into a Dark Eldar flyer. So far I have only made and sprayed one to see if it would work (I bought two of the cars) and it hasnt gone all that badly for a first try.

This is the first of the two I am making, decided to upload a few pics as I thought I may as well take a few while I'm getting my pics from my camera for my next battle report (coming up soon).

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